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Predictions 2001 Onwards

S&P toward 3200

Dear Friends,

This is what we predicted about USA stock market when EU debt were on peak.

Most of members must be asking to themselves that what I saw in September 2011 onward that I become so bullish on equity market, still I remember our statement when S&P was 1090, “that S&P won’t see again this level in five years time so this is life time buying opportunity” as historic bull market is on the way”.

Here below part have taken from last few months weekly newsletter, I am sure you find very amazing and redressing.  

Here is most important newsletter of 6 October 2011,

 also below part is taken from few other newsletter of last four months.


This below part is taken from weekly newsletter of 5-9 September 2011,




Dear Members,


Last week Thursday and Friday volatility again entered in Wall Street, but this time volatility will be proven to have a short life. On Friday Fed announce suing major USA and European banks on selling risky assets to Freddie and Fannie; this law suit was filed by Federal housing finance agency. This is a new development and everyone would like to see how this will shape Wall Street trend from here or there will be sharp corrections. Anyways, our Astro indicators are very clear about positive trend in stocks so keep accumulating stocks from next week. Though there will be bumpy ride for the next two weeks but worst is over and S&P will hold above 1157 so buy S&P without fear.


During last week metals traded positive, grains and soft commodities also remained in a rising trend. Treasury bond closed near to a historic high and dollar was gaining momentum. European markets remain under pressure and lost value heavily.


Since the last six months we have been predicting a great bubble era starting in Wall Street from 18 September 2011 and we are just two weeks away from that most unique cycle. I will highly recommend that one keeps focus on medium and longer term trends if you want to make great returns. Ignore current volatility and of course avoid any huge investment in European markets, especially DAX. You should be focusing on Potash and agricultural stocks, Uranium, technology and food stocks.


Get ready for most unique cycle which will take DOW toward 36000. I know it is hard to believe, like when in 2002/3 when I was talking about a time coming when gold would move up 100 in a day and silver $3 to $5 in a day, it was hard believe even for my good friend Bill Murphy (GATA).


Now the time is coming for Stock markets, and indexes will keep flying higher and higher. Next ten days will remain uncertain but take a advantage of uncertainty and keep adding position in markets ESPECIALY in S&P, India, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. As of now avoid the rest of markets but surely other markets will also start moving up after September.



Avoid banking stocks until 20 November as Jupiter just got retro-grated from 1st September and may not favor banks and financial stocks.



This below part taken from 10-14 October 2011 Newsletter



Last week our buying call on the markets were right. We received many emails for this good call. Under the current uncertain scenario in world economy we are calling a historic bull market about to begin. If we were economists or technical analyst we couldn’t have made this call but yes we are doing this because we follow the most powerful tool “planetary movement”. Go with our calls and you will make fortune in the next three years.


This week markets will remain in a rising cycle. Book some part of the profits in stock and indexes on late Tuesday or Wednesday and get in again on late Thursday. Our flash news will advise on this.


This weeks trading range of S&P will be 1143 to 1182. This week Japanese market Nikkei will gain the most. European markets will also gain and as usual USA will be in front seat but make sure avoid any position or avoid holding big position from late Tuesday to Thursday.


Note – Remember to go slow until the end of October before we start taking huge positions in the markets so trade slowly, keep getting in and out with some profit.



Here this part is taken from 11-16 December 2011 Weekly Newsletter.

Trading in 2012 with wave of nature

Dear Members,

Let me first thank all visitors and members of our website as last week our website crossed 9.5 million hits. I highly recommend you to read the first part of this week’s newsletter careful.

We are very close to the start of a historic bull market in the global stocks and commodities, and this will happen under the leadership of S&P. On the 26th of February 2009, Jack Bouroudjian (CNBC’s news Contributor; interview is available on the home page of our website) interviewed us, we not only called the bottom out of markets on the 6 of March 2009, but we predicted that a rapid rise coming and by 2014/15 Dow will be touching between the figures 32000 to 36000.

Yes, this looks like a dream prediction. I don’t know how many Wall Street Pundits or investors are going to be willing to believe this but we have complete and utter faith in our predictions. The prediction of the Dow Jones reaching 32000, will only unfold and determine whether we were right or wrong over time (so far our theory has guided us very well as far as the longer term outlook is concerned and most of predictions have been fulfilled) so I will wait and see whether this prediction will prove to be true or not.

I have been wrong on many occasions as far as shorter term predictions go and I don’t feel ashamed to accept my wrong comings. This is part of nature, and no one can be a 100% accurate at all moments in time. We are human beings, we have personal feelings, likes and dislike in the markets. We are influenced by everything that happens around us. However even with all this, one important thing that we should never forget is that we should do our job with honesty, try our best, and if we make money, we should help our family, friends, neighborhood, community and country. Helping those most in need is our social responsibility. Try to be more humble because life comes once so do your best and I am sure nature will serve you with the best results.

The prediction of Dow reaching 32000 doesn’t look like a dream to me because two weeks ago when I was reading my 2002 and 2004 books, and when I was rereading chapters of gold and oil, I had mentioned that oil would be reaching $100 and gold $1000. When I found out that the predictions from my previous book “2008/9 World & Financial Prophecies” in metals chapter, there were predictions about “Gold hitting $2000 and silver $48.00 in 2011”, the time we were writing this book in 2007, gold was at $720 and silver $15.23 and we predicted gold reaching $2000 and silver $48 in 2011, so why would predicting S&P reaching 3000 to $3300 in the next three years be so ludicrous in nature. We are all aware that this year gold almost touched $2000 and silver crossed $48.00.

There is a reason to writing about these past accuracies as the next three years will be the one of the most amazing time cycles in Wall Street as well as in the lives of each trader/investor. In the next three years we will see one of the solid bull-market, and we want each investor to take advantage of it in equities and commodities from 2012 onward. It will be one of the most unique eras of all time. While you will be making money from 2012 to 2015, you should remain humble, keep watching yourself; ego should be kept out, ignorance shouldn’t rise in you and serve your family and society with good intentions.

The whole financial market stands on one pillar and that’s is sentiments. Sentiment always changes with any new events and my last 28 years of experience in the financial market (I starting trading in the market at the age of 16) only one thing can guide you or can give you a glimpse of the future and that is wave of nature or you can call it, planetary movements. Economic and fundamental changes take place as per the current world economic situation. Even technical charts break on any side and can give false signals. Only planetary movements/wave of nature can give you a solid reason to bet today on the future outcomes of the medium and longer term. I respect fundamentals, economy studies and also follow technical charts but all my future predictions comes from planetary movements. There is no harm in following something that can give you a solid and convincing reason to make decisions in the financial market.

You don’t have to trade every day, just make the right trades at the right time and let the time cycle do the rest for you. I was convinced that the Planet Saturn moving from birth chart of silver that came in early in 2001 would affect silver, and this forced me to bet heavily on silver when it was at $4.52. I was targeting $9 and $21 and this goal of mine was achieved. A similar thing happen in oil and oil. Predictions of silver never had my personal likes or dislike because I never include personal feelings or sentiments when I am guiding you or writing about the future trend.

In the financial market people make the biggest mistakes by including their personal sentiments in trading. Some bet heavily on their personal like’s in an area of investment because their emotions are attached with that and if that market goes against them then they lose everything. You don’t have hate dollar, you don’t have to like gold or silver. The wave of nature says that your actions in financial markets should purely be dictated without emotions. If the theory says buy gold and silver then you should buy them, but don’t include your personal emotions because that can end up being very dangerous for you one day.

Anyways I don’t want to present myself as a preacher because most of you are well aware of the market behavior. We just give you a glimpse of the future and the rest of the investment decisions I leave it with you.

Most of you are aware that our new book “2012 Financial Predictions” will be launched on 16 December. Don’t get too excited after reading it as many predictions will excite and may provoke you into taking big positions immediately in many financial instruments. So don’t do anything in a hurry, take your time, have deep conversations with yourself and plan well before you start accumulating our recommended trades for 2012. TAKE SOME LONGER TERM CALL OPTIONS, TAKE SOME MEDIUM TERM FUTURES AND ETF TRADES, our weekly newsletter will guide you on a weekly basis.

Make the wave of nature & planetary movement’s an integral part of your trading/investment strategy with fundamental/Macro economy/Technical.

I wish you good luck for 2012, and I pray that my book will play a small role in your success. Please remember to remain humble and understand ones social responsibility, take care of the neediest around you.


One thing that we have very clearly been mentioning is that it’s time to get ready for one of the biggest bull markets of all time in stocks. And now we are just a few weeks away so please start building up positions in stocks and indexes in whichever country you prefer to invest in. There is no doubt that S&P will lead this rally and it has to do so because S&P is the only market which can give confidence to global investors.

Saturn in the house of Libra gives clear indications that China, Europe or India can’t rule the world economy except USA for the next three to four years.

You are all aware that from 2015 China will crumble and this will be the reason for the crash in equity markets from 2015 onward. The current time is a great opportunity to accumulate call options of September 2012, December 2012. On late Tuesday we see some recovery but the best time to accumulate markets will be the 25 of December. Those who are not worried about two to three percent moves on either-side can start acquiring positions from late Tuesday.

This week stocks will start moving up from late Tuesday or Wednesday so get in but the European situation will still remain unstable so a safe date would be 25th of December as we expect volatility to continue until Christmas. On the other hand emerging markets will still struggle until the end of the Month so avoid markets like India, South Africa and China.


This below part is taken from Weekly Newsletter 19-23 December 2011

Buying time Indexes – get ready to buy


Dear Members,

Lately I have been meditating a lot on the market movements. People say that the “markets are moving up”, the “markets are moving down”. However, according to the wave of nature the markets do not have the force to move up or down. The mind force of the people gives the market’s direction. So in short, the markets are helpless, they depend on the thousands and millions of people who trade in them and how those people trade. If they sell the markets go down, and if they buy the markets go up. So, one again I reiterate my point. The markets don’t move on their own, its the people who move the markets.

If one were to predict that one of the greatest bull markets is en-route in the US equity markets people would laugh at him or her. In the current situation we are in, with the European crisis etc. there is no use for such willy nilly talk. I have been in the markets for the last 25 years and if someone asked me for my opinion and I did not have knowledge of the planetary movements then I would have also been pessimistic. However, the wave of nature and planetary movements are clearly indicating one of the greatest bull markets of all time in US equity.

I will highly recommend people to put at least 35% of their money in US equity or US indexes. Yes, the world indexes will follow US equity, but Asia and Europe will still have their own unique problems so uncertainty in politics, economy and in the currency markets will remain in the highlights. In 2012, investors will show a very strong trust in S&P and US equity globally, and the whole crowd will slowly start following in the same direction.

I want to keep this newsletter very simple but I want to give a small message. Commodity bull market has still not ended yet and long way to go on upside. Soon the time is coming when silver can reach 3 digits and oil will also move towards $150. This means that there is too much money in the market and once again there will be inflation in the markets in 2013-14 after giving a solid performance in 2012.

I am sure many of you must have bought my new book and I am saying that this is a must have book, and I will highly recommend you to buy this book. I am not trying to promote it, all I am trying to say is that’s its contents are unbelievable.

Since we have launched “2012 Financial Predictions” book, most of outlook of commodities, currencies and Indexes are matching 100% what we mentioned in book. Here is link to see few of predictions

I feel this book will change future of many investors, this book will guide you in details about what to do, where to invest and what to buy/sell in 2012. Yes, I feel this is most unique in dept book which is cover each and every area of financial markets ever came out in history of Wall-Street or globally.

Ignore all experts or economist those who are predicting bear market for stocks and USA economy because I see historic time starting for USA. Equity markets and commodity will keep moving higher. S&P and silver will outperform all other investment area, agri-commodities will go crazily higher because our wave if nature theory says most uncertain pattern in weather is on the way from 2012 to 2016 (don’t short grains and soft commodities). Our weekly newsletter will guide you on all these area. Next three years will be the most amazing time in history of Wall-Street and investors will make fortune if they remain focus.

I am sure you will enjoy and make money from 2012 to 2015, ignore all experts, or those who talks about negativity. Just remain focus and our work will keep guiding you.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma