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Predictions 2001 Onwards

December 2002 for you



Iraq - USA War:  Currently, on the on going Iraq-USA tensions which I predicted in the year 2001, the inspections of mass destruction and biological weapons will go against Iraq in second week of December.  At around 18th December war positions between USA-IRAQ will take place and actual war will start at around 7th January 2003. This war will be more controversial than Vietnam’s because many innocent, women and young children will be killed. Many Islamic nations, China and Russia will turn against USA. I will give more predictions on USA-IRAQ in first week of January.   


The world will not have a peaceful environment in the month of December, as so many small accidents, killings and terrorist attacks will take place around the world.


Middle East:  In the month of December, the Middle East problem will continue to rise.  Many people will be killed in attacks in Israel and Palestine.  At around December 20 peace initiations will start between Israel and Palestine but it will fail because two key important personalities will be assassinated. This will wipe out the peace process and turn into a small war. Killings will continue in the whole month of December.  It will be the worst month for Middle East.


Stock Market:  In the year 2002 most of my monthly predictions have come true on the world stock market. Tech turn-around by end of 2002 came very accurately. Now in December I will advise the investors to stay away from the market as stocks will remain a little on the down side in month of December.  Early year 2003 is the best time to enter back in the stock market.


Gold:  As I predicted in the month of September 2001 that gold will bottom out on 27th November 2001, happened.  This drew the attention of many metal investors. Now I am predicting that on December 5th, 2002 gold will bottom out again and it will start moving up very fast and within three weeks gold will touch $350.


Currencies:  Euro and other world currencies will remain stable without any major fluctuations in the month of December.  Only Japanese Yen will gain against the US Dollar in the month of December.  In 2002 the rise of Euro against Dollar have proved the accuracy of my prophecy.


Silver: I am still looking for the right path to predict on silver because my predictions are not coming very accurate. According to my last calculation, silver should touch $5.25. So I will wait and watch my prediction.


Coffee: After great depressions in coffee prices for a couple of years. In September coffee predictions were accurate when coffee prices rose by above 30%. December will again be a rising month for coffee. It will rise by more then 9%.


Oil: After 9 December oil prices will start rising. They will rise continuously for whole month of December. Iraq-USA tensions will be one more reason for prices to rise. They touch once again $28 a barrel.


Overall in year 2002 my predictions, which came true, are as follows:


  • Terrorist attack on USA (September 11th attack on different places in    the USA).
  • Terrorist attack on India (Parliament attack)
  • Big buildings will collapse (Twin Towers)
  • Many deaths will occur in gathering places (Stadium tragedy in SA and West Africa)
  • India - Pakistan tension
  • Attack on Yasser Arafat and Palestine
  • Argentina economy collapse, peso will devalue and key politicians will resign.
  • War in Afghanistan and terrorist activities in Afghanistan
  • US Dollar will do down and US economy will come under recession
  • Euro and British Pound will rise
  • Oil prices will touch 30 $US
  • Algeria and Mexico flood
  • Gold prices will rise (Currently prices are rising)
  • BJP will lose in coming elections (Ruling party BJP lost elections in India)
  • Health problems in Royal family (Death of Princess Margaret and Queen Mother)
  • USA-IRAQ tension and Saddam will be in headline
  • World key stock market will collapse in 2002 and stablise in October 2002
  • Technology and telecommunications stocks rises from October 2002
  • Big business house will collapse (ENRON, WORLD COM)
  • IMF and donors will support Brazil
  • Heavy floods and damage in Europe and Asia.
  • Huge weather disturbances (Heavy rains, cold, storms, typhoons and Tornados)
  • Food grain shortages in Africa (Malawi)
  • Benazir Bhutto's will become strong. (Her Party win election)
  • Pervez Musharraf will go down. (His supporting not achieved)
  • BJP will lose and Congress party will win. (Jammu & Kashmir election proved)
  •  Coffee will rise from September 2002 (rise by 40%)
  • Train and plane accident in India and Europe
  • Rand will gain against US$ to below 10 (when it was 14)


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma