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Predictions 2001 Onwards

UAE property crash

Worst time for UAE, I am really worried for people who are investing in UAE because crash will be so bad that people will lose every thing...

Here is prophecies from "2008/2009 World & Financial Prophecies" page number 94, 95, 96


Dubai is a wonderful place that clearly exemplifies the power of human beings to conquer the environment. Here you will find amazing architectural works which represent a new era of the twenty first century, and credit goes to the current ruler’s vision for stability and growth. I have lived in Dubai for one year, and I have witnessed the massive growth and prosperity in this city. The only problem was the traffic, which was truly like a nightmare.

The last five years have been extremely positive for the region, but this is set to change from 2009 when this trend will end and the growth will begin to fade. I must strongly warn real estate investors to closely watch their investments. A depressing period for property traders will begin from 2009 onward and the country’s real estate market will drop more than 50%.

In my 2004 book I pointed out that Muslim countries near the coast would flourish from 2001 to 2007, and I explained the reason why. This was because Saturn was moving from the house of water and these countries pray to the Moon, which in turn represents water. In business terms, the water is a liquid which represents oil, and the countries therefore benefited from an oil boom. Unfortunately, this golden era is set to cease by the end of 2008.

The country’s stock market will be sideways and I don’t see any excitement in this regard. However, there will be some major changes in the currency market. A few years back I stated that some oil rich Arab nations would review ties with the US Dollar, and time is now very near before we witness major changes. I foresee a breakup of the ties between USA Dollar and currencies of the oil rich nations. Many of the oil producing nations may become excited by this prospect, but planetary movement indicates that these changes will negatively impact them since their currencies will be uncertain in the future. Furthermore, I foresee the Dollar rising soon, and this will sharply bring down currencies of the Arab countries. My advice to the UAE is not to break ties with the US Dollar.

Politically the country will remain stable and even introduce new policies in the interests of the people as well as investors. Relations with neighboring countries as well as the western world will continue to be good. 

Predicted in 2004 book:

The chart has all positive combinations as well as current planetary positions favouring this country. In the previous book, I said that the USA and Iraq conflict would not have a negative impact on UAE. The UAE will not be involved in any way.

UAE will not take part in the Middle East crisis. They will stay reserved and focus on their economic growth and future development. I praise the government on the manner in which they are running the country. They are on the right path and I do not see problems for the UAE in the next 20 years.

Astrological calculations indicate record high oil prices in 2004, much to the benefit of the UAE.

A continuous inflow of people, investment and a rise in new developments will occur. In the future I see Dubai being among the world’s high-tech cities, better than London, New York and Hong Kong. The government will bring about a lot of new plans and programmes.

One interesting point is that because of the Sun, the government will take very important decisions and policies as well as introduce watchdogs aimed at countering the mafia or any terrorist groups in the country. In fact, this new policy will help catch these organisations and destroy them. In my previous book I also mentioned that Muslim countries or people next to the sea or water will be lucky and will enjoy prosperity because Muslims pray to the sign of the moon, which is 100% related to water. I also said that Muslims will not be successful in cold places where there is ice for instance Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Albania and so on. For the Muslims, water is a sign of luck and that is why Dubai is flourishing.

                                                      From book “2004 World & Financial Prophecies”