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Ignore experts those saying negative for S&P as we see biggest bull market of all time is on the way...14 Dec 2011. Yen crash is coming..predicted in Oct 2012...Oil could fall toward $30 and dollar Index could rise 90.00 to 98.00..Predicted July 2014..India Nifty touched 7800 and next target is 9165 predicted Nov 2016.. S&P would start falling from 2407 level or bear market to start from 8 April 2017 predicted on 21 Feb 2017...Mahendra Sharma
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Name: Samer Deshpande
Dear Mahendraji, I have gone through your book “2013 Financial Predictions” in details. First of all I am just amazed through the detailed predictions (both timing and Levels) for so much of the stock markets, commodities and financials of so many countries. Truly it’s one of the remarkable and memorable kind of predictions ever I have come across. It has set tone for the road ahead and given the clear direction for the right path for a year to come. Hope this knowledge of yours will help me to take right and wise decisions in my investments and trading. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas and knowledge. Regards, Samar Deshpande
Name: Anubhav Mukherjee
There is something in life which money can't buy... your writing is priceless.. It is About the book which Mahendraji wrote. I would Urge Everybody,( not only investor or trader) but everyone must read it once .. It is indeed a magic.. Everyone will enjoy it.. Thanks For writing such a amazing book
Name: Eric
Thanks Mahendra….. I have a great Library of your predictions, most of which are “Spot On”, so it is nice to be able to do save the PDF again. I noted with GREAT INTEREST that you are still planning a member meeting in Santa Barbara. I think that such a meeting will be one of the most important in my career as a money Manager, and very much look forward to meeting you. Both my Grandmother and my mother were astrologers (Geocentric I think) and my teacher, until his death, was a Uranian Astrologer. As is always the case, I wish I had absorbed more of the knowledge. The changes which are coming in the world are massive, and it will be most important to understand the dynamics. I have two Partners in my company and they are now grasping the significance of your work. We are small, but much more accurate because of you. Thank You Again, Eric Kaufman
Name: Meeta
I will not be able to subscribe for your service as I am a small investor. I have however used your advice and thank you for your help. What you provide is not available anywhere and is priceless. I hope to use your services in the near future. Thank you Meeta
Name: Rajesh P
Hi Mahendrabhai, Unfortunately my latest scan showed more growth (lungs & liver also now). But I am still very strong & remain positive that we are going to beat this thing. (might have to be outside the US). Brother, I had a quick question regarding lifestyle: I am always trying to build positive energy & karma, but I am doing negative by eating meat (chicken, turkey, fish, very rarely beef)? If I become strict vegetarian will it help my condition and overall positive energy & well-being? I cannot seem to decide for myself. (I am Hindu by the way, but grew up here in US from age 5). Brother, would you mind if I ask if you are vegetarian? I am inspired by your accomplishments & love for humanity. You are one of our great spiritual sage of our generation, so I take your advice very seriously. Please respond brother. Thank you from bottom of my heart. Take care & God bless you & your family. R Patel Manchester
Name: Brendon
Hi Mahendra, I am a subcriber to your weekly newsletter and daily flash news . I am finding your services very useful as a investor . Thank you . It is the best thing i have done all year!! Please could you write a little about south africa future as it seems we are entering a very uncertain time -what is your outlook for the next 5 years . god bless and take care . brendon tolan
Name: Mukesh
Dear Mahendra, Thanks for offering your services at discounted prices to me. I haven't seen this type of accuracy in forecasting stock market anywhere else yet. You are best of the best. I think you are a real "Guru" in your work. I pray to GOD for your well being and keep up the good work. I did your see your announcement that your are going to raise subscription prices and gave chance to your subscribers to renew it at a discounted prices. I was on travel that week and missed that short window of opportunity. I was thinking to renew my subscription and change it from daily flash news to weekly newsletter. I have a day time job and can't really take full advantage on a daily basis. ~Mukesh
Name: Chetan Shah
Dear Mr. Mahendra, I am your avid follower since last 3 years and must admit your accuracy is almost cent percent. You are unbelievably accurate in your predictions. Its a subject of research that how you did that where even Great Economists failed to understand. This is simply superb! Most importantly I realized that even after possessing such an extra ordinary knowledge you are very down to earth and helping kind. You are a God Gift to the Mankind. Please keep up the Good Work. God Bless!!!! Thanks with Regards, Chetan Shah Mumbai, India
Name: Milind
Dear Mr Mahendrabhai, Sir, I have received your book, its remarkable indeed. A vision for blind investor in financial world. This is the first time with the help of your guidance I will be buying gold future and hence wish to know whether I should go for it. Its always pleasure to receive your guidance & Thank you from the bottom of the heart for your work in the betterment of the world. With warm regards Milind
Name: Thomas Ifland
Dear Mahendra, I have not much money for trading, therefore I am not able to subscribe to one of your services. But I read your advices, which you give for free time by time on your homepage. I thank you very much for these gifts. Some weeks ago I found your prediction for the next three years, which say there will be the greatest bull market and it is now possible to invest without fear. Meanwhile I was able toput a little money and aside I investet this in silver, S&P and apple. If the prediction comes true I will gain good profits. Therefore I hope deep from my heard that the wave of nature guides you the right way. If the aims which you predict come true, I can realize good gains with these trades and I will be able to pay back a bid part of the mortgage on our house. I will be able to buy your next books and I will give a part to those who need help, like you asked. My part will go to a franciscan monk who helps poor children in Romania. Dear Mahendra Sharma, God bless you and thank you very much for the gift of your predictions. With kind regards Thomas Ifland Hans-Schmidmayer-Str. 5 85435 Erding

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