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2008 World & Financial Prophecies

2008 World & Financial Prophecies

Book may help investors to make timely decisions in all major markets

The book has the detailed predictions of 68 countries, The World Financial Market (monthly trend for all major stock markets, currency markets, metals, grains, oils and soft commodities), Real Estate market, Natural Disasters, and the Geo-political Situation.

  • It also talks about Africa because I am very concerned about the people of African and its stability from 2008; will Africa be able to save herself or will the world have to come to save the future of Africa? After Zimbabwe, how badly will Kenya be affected? Is South Africa the next in list of uncertainty? 
  • Why Europe will fall after dominating the world for three hounded years. 
  • USA recession and future trend of USA market and US Dollar. Who will win Election and he/she will be lucky President for USA or not?
  • Detail predictions on Real estate market of all major countries.
  • Growth of India and China will hold or not?
  • Will all major currencies have any value in the future or not?
  • Will Australia survives from worst natural disaster.
  • What will be the highs and lows for all major commodities?
  • Which countries will be safe for investment in?
  • Why fires will burn many places or cities in the world! And more than 300 important other predictions are there in the book.

Those who missed by "2003 World & Financial Prophecies and "2004 world & Financial Prophecies" because of sold-out. As I announced both book were a limited edition and that is why I never re-printed. Now you can order "2008-09 World & FINANCIAL PROPHECIES". 

Make wave of nature/astro cycle an integral part of your trading & Investment strategies!