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Predictions 2001 Onwards

Natural Disasters


In the last edition, I predicted that the weather will devastate many different countries of the world, like cold wave in Canada; earthquakes in Japan, India and European countries; floods and rains in European countries; and heat wave in India.


for 2003 I see:


Extreme Cold


I would like to issue a warning to the authorities and people especially of Canada and Russia, on a cold wave in some areas of these countries, which always get extremely cold.  This phenomenon will make life unbearable in the year 2003.  Northern Europe will experience severe winter, which will leave behind a trail of damages. 


Rain Floods


Heavy rains, which will result in floods, will be experienced in Europe in countries like Italy, Germany, and France, also in Asian countries like China and Northern India. The same will also happen in Madagascar, East coast of Africa as well as many other African countries.  There will also be surprises in Las Vegas and California areas of USA.


Heat Wave


The northern and southern parts of India will suffer an extensive heat wave, which will make life difficult in these areas in the months of May and June 2003. People will die from the effects of the wave.  The country will thereafter receive adequate rainfall and the drought will come to an end. 

I do believe in nature because it is supreme. There is nothing anybody can do if it resorts to destruction.  Still nature can give lavishly if it so pleases. I also believe that God is in nature and we should just pray to Him to grant us good things so that we do not suffer a lot of damages.