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Predictions 2001 Onwards

Jupiter says Gold will rise

As I predicted that in early 2002 we will see a rise in gold prices we are already seeing that.

According to the planetary position jupiter is saying gold prices will rise continually in the next three months.

In the mid year of 2001 I had mentioned in my interview with the SABC (South African Broad Casting) and many Radio & TV interviews that Gold prices will reach a historic high price in 2002/3. Also in my book (WORLD PROPHESIES) I have mentioned about the gold price rise and I have given many reasons for that as follows:

(a) Uncertainty in stock market which will make the common man lose faith in the stock shares.
(b) A big business house will collapse which example we are seeing in ENRON - many investors have shaken up.
(c) Middle East Crises.
(d) Counterfeit in the US dollar which is the heart currency for the world.

This above reasons will help the gold prices to shoot up. That is what Jupiter is saying.