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Predictions 2001 Onwards

Where to Invest - 2004?

Dear Friends,

Many of you may have been enjoying my latest book “2004 World & Financial Prophecies”. I thank those of you who have purchased the book and for the subsequent comments that you have sent me. I also appreciate your messages of congratulations and goodwill.


I would like to share something very special with you and show in detail how you should plan for the year 2004. I shall endeavour to give you maximum information about what I see and feel concerning the future through astrology. Do not expect that I shall be 100% right, but at the end of the year, I am confident that you shall smile and say in your heart, ‘thank you astrology…thank you Mahendra’. Most of my clients have gained from my work for a long time now. After careful study, research and to talking to my clients, I can say that out of 100 people, 99 of them have gained.


It has taken a long time of struggle and hard work to build faith in my work. Initially, not many people showed any attention when I said that I was predicting the future. However, hard work and patience has seen banks, institutions, funds, corporations and asset management firms become my clients while other players in the world economy closely follow my work. After research, we have found that $5-7 Billion move or shift on long term investments or strategies on the basis of my predictions.


I will recommend a few areas where one can put money as well as highlight important points which will play a key role in world financial markets in 2004.



Those who have read my book are aware that I am predicting the Japanese Yen to gain against major world currencies. Since 2002, the British Pound and the Euro have been my favourite currencies. This year, the Yen will gain up to 60 -80 against the US Dollar as well as the Euro and the British Pound. Last week when I predicted the gain of the Dollar against the Pound, Euro, Ausi, Rand etc, I recommended to my clients not to sell the Japanese Yen and they listened. In fact, they bought more Japanese Yen and heeded my recommendation to sell the Euro and the Pound.

Watch list should be – Yen and Russian Rubble



Many people in the world investor community have closely been following my gold predictions. Those who have read my book will notice that I am more exciting in my silver predictions, even though gold is my favourite metal according to astrology. For 2004, silver will yield unforgettable returns in the short term. I do not intend to give my price projections here because some may think that I am crazy or drunk.


The current level of around $6.20 is a great opportunity to buy silver and the first price target that I am predicting is $7.95, after which unbelievable prices will be attained if silver remains above this level for two days. Previous historic price levels may be reached in the next two years.


After 21st January, the relationship between silver and gold will be broken and for the first time in history, silver will move on its own strength and power. Henceforth, it does not mean that silver will automatically go up whenever gold does.


This is a similar situation to the past when I predicted that the Dollar would go down but the USA stock markets would go up. Therefore, do not make the mistake of basing your silver investments on the gold movements.


The interlinked relationship of the Dollar and metals will also break in the last week of January. If the Dollar gains, it does not mean that metals will go down.


Stock Markets

I have been predicting the downfall of the American stock market for the last two months but the opposite has occurred. However there is an astrological reason behind my prediction. The market has come out of the Bull Run cycle which I predicted for 2003. When one is outside the cycle then it is very dangerous to play. Therefore when I see a risk, I warn well in advance as this is my work’s specialty. I do not emerge on the day when the market has tumbled 500 points and declare that the market has gone down AND FROM HERE NOW LOOKS BAD. This is what the technical analysts and chartists do. I am neither of these and my predictions are wholly based on energy and astrological waves.


From this point, a manipulator could even take the market up a little bit. I will however not advise my close followers to remain in the market because one of these fine days the market will decline slightly and then collapse 500-700 points by the close of the session. I do not want any of my followers to be trapped in such a situation. I also do not believe in making some little money in one or two month’s temporary upward trend only to be later trapped and losing all the gains made as well as your hard earned money.


And yes, I once again predict that the worst decline will be witnessed in the market and that a horrible scenario will unfold after 21st June 2004. This will precipitate widespread panic in the world stock markets but surprisingly, the South African and Russian stock markets will be on an upward trend in 2004. Investors should therefore watch these markets and make appropriate decisions.



As I have already mentioned in my book, I see a great rise in the prices of crude oil, natural gas and gasoline. Indeed, all energy products will remain very high in 2004. This is the one area that one should not ignore as I see a great rise in energy products. During this year, crude oil prices could go up to $50 to $60.


Property Market

I see a great crash in the land and property markets in Great Britain (London) and in North America. Therefore, do not engage in land and property speculation after Mid 2004. There will be many reasons that will account for the drop in prices, one of which shall be the hiking of interest rates in Britain and the USA.


Important Note

I know that short term and long-term traders gain and lose large sums of money even in a single day. The gain or loss is based on the individual’s investments. Some take risks for $100, $500 or even $5 million but when it comes to participating with the disadvantaged in society, most people will only commit a minimum amount while many ignore. Whereas they would be willing to risk huge amounts on the prospects of gain, they are reluctant to make a sacrifice for helping those who really need their assistance and find themselves in deplorable situations through no fault of their own. Wherever you are situated in the world, please contribute to charity in your area or anywhere else in aid of those who are in want and needy of your help.


For the short term, a good opportunity to buy gold is between $404 and $408 while for silver it is between $6 and $6.20. One should sell in the stock markets and buy the Japanese Yen. Though the Dollar will attempt to make gains but it will fluctuate a lot now in the next 30 days.


I have decided to be placing updates and write-ups on my website twice a week. They shall cover various issues in the world financial markets as well as other topics of global concern. Therefore, I shall soon be posting my next update in the following ten days.


Weekly information will be available in newsletter but unfortunately you have to subscribe for it. If I give every thing for free then soon I may have to close down my office, internet and website because of non-payment.


Thanks and God Bless,

Mahendra Sharma