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Predictions 2001 Onwards

Sample News-Letter

My news letter is just advise according to planetary movements. Movement in
financial market are completely depends on Planets and energy, They changes
masses mind and thinking. All our decisions go right, When we are in good
planetary cycle. I am just predicting what I see in planetary movements. I
am advising financial people since last 15 years (when I was 20 year old),
and I notices that my long-run more then 3 months prediction went quite
accurate (more than 95%).
You might see me failing some time in short term prediction but I am sure
and confident that I will able to give right directions in short term
because I spending now 18 hrs for short term prediction on financial market.

In next three months or more, I see Gold, Silver, coffee, Platinum and
Nasdaq rise etc...

This was my newsletter From 24th to 30th March 2003.

Gold: As I said last week that important support for is $334 according to Jupiter. Gold is below that now. As I am writing you is trading around 329. I will advice you to hold-on; don’t do any activity (sp short term) until gold close above $334. Once again I want to remind you that in last year one of my interview I said that war will not make any impact on gold prices because in this century gold will rise its own strength and power. Today Moon is very positive so, I am very much sure gold will gain from $329. But still I will recommend watching $334 level. New twist is coming in war soon.

Silver: I know my prediction is not coming very accurate on silver but I don’t know what’s make me or force me to write on silver and I don’t know why? One more time I still recommending to buy silver for long term because I know, Silver will make new millionaire in coming time (don’t have to wait for more than 14 months. Price $4.36 is life time opportunity.

Stock market: I will not recommend you to enter or buy in current up trend because this false upward trend in USA and EUROPE market. Wait few weeks because buying time is coming soon in technology (in USA and Europe) and Asian market will perform well. I have stated many time that I am not bearish on technology because of Mars.

Platinum: Last week platinum performed very week. Stay away this week also. I will give you buy signal.

Currency: Still I see Dollar going strong. I announced 10 days back for strong dollar. Sell other currency for this week. Euro, Franc looks week. Rand will collapse any time after 27th March. Wait Yen to touch 123 against dollar, because that is time to buy Yen.

War: War will make new twist in coming days. Not good for USA and UK.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma