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Predictions 2001 Onwards

Predictions - Feb 2003

February Predictions

The month of February will give the best returns in gold stocks. 

I still would like to say that in 2003 silver prices will move above $6 an ounce, and for long-term I still recommend investment in silver because I believe my long term predictions will be 100% accurate.


In the month of February I will not recommend any trade or speculations in the currency market because there will be confusing period.  Since the last two years I have been predicting that the dollar will lose value against the major world currencies.  This has happened and will still continue, but I see a small rise in dollar after 18th February against the key currencies, which will only be short-term.


As per my January predictions that the prices will be volatile but on the upper side, we have seen this happen.  In February oil will trade on a very narrow range, prices will still remain on the higher side they will rise in the international market by 11%.

Stock Market

After the three years of bear trend in major stock market is completing soon but it doesn’t mean that stock market will have a great rise, Investors should get out of the bear market position because there is no need to sell more now. After 21st of February investments in the stock market should be in small way. As I have predicted before that the DOW will reach 5,950 but for NASDAQ market it will not be that bad so investors can look for good companies to invest. Best is Gold and other metal stocks for investment.


After 14th February, I am predicting the worst period for the USA - Iraq conflict.  Also at the same time the Middle East conflict will be on the rise because any leader in that region will be assassinated.  I do not want to talk more about war because I have been predicting it for the last two years.  I just pray that this period will move on smoothly because all I see is a black future until 28th March.  I also pray that USA will not touch North Korea because as I predicted two years back that their crisis will rise and I see victory for the North Korea against USA and the USA will lose its super power status. Millions will be killed. I don’t want to say more. God give Wisdom TO OUR LEADER because peace and war is in their hand.

Good luck to every body.

Thank you and God bless.

Mahendra Sharma.