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2020 Financial Prophecies eBook

2020 Financial Prophecies - A Must Have E-Book!

The 14th Book by Mahendra Sharma launched. Order this E-Book Now

Book may help investors to make timely decisions in all major markets

Book is covering 2020 detailed rising and falling cycles of:

  • Metals– Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium, Platinum & other base metals
  • Energy– Oil, Heating Oil, RB Gas and Natural Gas
  • Grains – Corn, Wheat, Soy, Soy meal and Soy oil
  • Soft – Coffee, Cotton, Cocoa, Sugar, Orange Juice and Lumber
  • Treasury Bonds – Thirty years Bond
  • Indexes – S&P, Nasdaq, Nikkei, Hang Sang, ASX, Nifty India, DAX, CAC, Swiss & FTSE, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa, Most of other European Market, South American Market, Asian Markets and Middle East Market.
  • Currencies – Dollar Index, EURO, Pound, Yen, Swiss Franc, SA Rand, Australian & Canadian dollar, Indian Rupee, Most of South American and Asian Currencies.
  • Crypto Currency – Monthly Trading Pattern of Crypto Currency.

Book will guide you on time frame of 2020 monthly positive & negative cycles starting and ending dates, so you can plan well in advance your futures and options trades.

Make wave of nature/astro cycle an integral part of your trading & Investment strategies!

Complete E-Book Price: $392.00 USD
Book is available in E-Book Format
2020 Financial Predictions E-Book

If you cannot afford to buy the complete book, you can buy individual sections of the Book Below

2020 Precious & Base Metals Predictions Only
Price: $275.00 USD
2020 Global Indexes Predictions Only
Price: $275.00 USD
2020 Currencies Predictions Only
Price: $275.00 USD
2020 Energy Predictions Only
Price: $251.00 USD
2020 Soft Predictions Only
Price: $199.00 USD
2020 Grains Predictions Only
Price: $199.00 USD
2020 Indian Market Predictions Only
Price: $325.00 USD