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Predictions 2001 Onwards


My predictions for new Governor for California

This morning, I began reading the astrological chart for Gray Davis after receiving a request regarding this situation from a friend.  As a result of the accuracy of my predictions and prophecy relating to the World Trade Center, the stock market, the escalation in the price of gold and various other prophecies that have proven accurate since that time, I have taken the time to examine and better understand both the astrological charts of Gray Davis as well as other candidates that are running against him in this recall.

Based upon the planetary combinations, I am predicting that Governor Davis has very little time remaining.  I see the power of Arnold Shwarzenegger’s chart as forcing me to predict that he will be the next governor of California. 

The current on going recall election and court involvement will confuse everyone, and this confusion and struggle will remain for the next 27 days.  California will have to inevitably have this recall election because of Mars.

The financial house in the chart of Gray Davis is very weak and that is the reason California is suffering the financial problems and deficit they are since he became Governor.  On the other hand, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chart is very strong.  Therefore, I see that after he becomes Governor of California, the situation will change rapidly.  The positive financial combination in his chart is apparent since it pulled one of the wealthiest and wisest men in the world to his camp (Warren Buffet).  

I have no personal opinions or support for either Gray Davis or Arnold Schwarzenegger.  This is what I see written in destiny and I am just opening a few pages and reading it to share it with the world.

Thanks & God bless