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Ignore experts those saying negative for S&P as we see biggest bull market of all time is on the way...14 Dec 2011. Yen crash is coming..predicted in Oct 2012...Oil could fall toward $30 and dollar Index could rise 90.00 to 98.00..Predicted July 2014..India Nifty touched 7800 and next target is 9165 predicted Nov 2016.. S&P would start falling from 2407 level or bear market to start from 8 April 2017 predicted on 21 Feb 2017...Mahendra Sharma
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Online Media Coverage & Latest Reviews

Forecasting the new dawn
Media/Magazine name - Dalal Times
2014 financial Predictions book launching
Media/Magazine name - News wire

Stocks pick by astro indactors
Media/Magazine name - Economics Times
2013 Financial Predictions book launched, reviewed by media
Media/Magazine name - Electronic media


Obama winning election of 2012 against Mitt Romney
Media/Magazine name - PR News Media

Kitco, gold reaching $1975, silver $78..
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Trade Secrets Of The Galactic Empire
Media/Magazine name - Forbes
Book review by
Media/Magazine name -
2012 Financial Predictions - Book launched covered by major media
Media/Magazine name - USA & Europe media,-lansate-sub-forma-unei-c%C4%83r%C5%A3i

Stock market bull-run
Media/Magazine name - Economic times
Bottom out of Dow jones
Media/Magazine name - Radio show - Rich Roffman

Here is Thursday's (17 Oct) interview with Rich Roffman: Go more then halfway on play (2600 point)

Rise of Dollar
Media/Magazine name - Radio show - Rich Roffman

Interview of 4th Sep 2009, Longer term bull market in stocks and US Dollar, and also fall of commodities.


On fall of commodities and rise of US dollar
Media/Magazine name - Radio show - Rich Roffman

Interview of 13 June 2008 of fall commodities and rise dollar. Just pass halfway upto 561 point on interview.

Few links of past records..
Media/Magazine name - Sunday Time, Cartle Blanc, Standard, freebuck..


Turbulent times ahead for Narc, predicts astrologer
Media/Magazine name - East Africa Standard
A peek into 2004
Media/Magazine name - The EA Standard
The predictable, amazing world of Mahendra Sharma
Media/Magazine name - The EA Standard - Mid Week
‘Seer’ says Narc party poised to leave Govt
Media/Magazine name - The Kenya Times
Sings of things to come
Media/Magazine name - The Kenya times
Crystal Ball
Media/Magazine name - Carte Blanche, Mnet Tv
Voorspeller sê geneesmiddel vir vigs kom
Media/Magazine name - Net - Rapport
USA-IRAQ war in Jan 2003
Media/Magazine name - Rajasthan Patrika
Astrologer says gold has bright future
Media/Magazine name - Sunday Times
Astrologer predicts a smooth 2002 General Election
Media/Magazine name - East African Standard

A leading astrologer has predicted that the forthcoming General Election in Kenya will be smooth

For More Click
Media/Magazine name - Bob Moriarty
Media/Magazine name - Derek K. Van Artsdalen


Jeff Rense » ( Audio File )
Media/Magazine name - Jeff Rense

Interview 1 (18/06/02) Download

Interview 2 (24/06/02) Download[ You will require REAL ONE PLAYER GOLD to run this file]

[ You will require REAL ONE PLAYER GOLD to run this file]

Looking at stars
Media/Magazine name - Carte Blanche (TV) Magazine
Media/Magazine name - Borseninfo

A German website for Investors
Article in German about the book, The Prophecies and about Me.

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