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2004 World & Financial Prophecies

2004 World & Financial Prophecies

Book may help investors to make timely decisions in all major markets

A $21 investment that may earn you millions.
My previous three books received overwhelming response from all over the world including the media, great market pundits, analysts, traders and other players in the global economy, prompting me to lay more emphasis on the world financial market in the 2004 World & Financial Prophecies.

This book contains an intensive coverage of the internal and external affairs of 65 countries and contains many unhealthy scenarios that will unfold in the year 2004, including wars, natural disasters and terrorist attacks among others. 

It covers major world stock markets trends, currencies and commodities like metal, grains, oil and soft commodities, with detailed predictions of their price movements throughout the year 2004. I have delved into the fine details, revealing all the unpredictable trends of the world financial markets and showed where to put your hard earned money. The book also gives clear indications on when to buy and the opportune time to sell.

2004 World & Financial Prophecies will guide you to make prudent financial decisions and launch you onto a path of prosperity and financial independence. Each copy that you buy is a worthwhile investment that may earn you millions of dollars in return.

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