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Predictions 2001 Onwards

Fall of Europe

This whole sections is taken from my new book "2008-09 World & Financial Prophecies" from page 55.

Europe under Recession – I AM MOST CONCERN

I have talked of an economic slowdown and recession in Europe many times in the course of writing this book. In 2001 I predicted a crash of the Dollar and said that it would lose more than 40% value, and this has come true. Unfortunately, I never realized that the downfall had begun, probably because destiny had something else in mind. At this stage I understand the long term reasons behind the prediction of the Dollar’s downfall.

The Dollar has been weakening, but many of you know that I have been predicting a turn around for the Dollar since 2007. European currencies have moved up substantially, but this move is similar to what happened to the Japanese stock market when it went up to 42,000 and then tumbled back to 6000 in a few years. This is what will occur in European currencies and one therefore needs to be very careful as European currencies will lose up to 90% value in the next ten years. At that time, the situation that will most easily come to mind will be the story of Zimbabwe. As I have declared before, I have nothing against Europe or European currencies: I love Italian food, I like to visit European countries from time to time, but when planetary movements give their indications I predict what I see. 

I would therefore like to urge policy makers in European countries to be very careful and closely monitor their economies. Whenever there is weakness, corrective measures must be immediately taken to minimize adverse effects. This will be crucial in order to save the country and its currency, as well as maintain stability. Meanwhile, people in Europe should take steps to secure their future because times are poised to be quite tough indeed.

Lastly, I humbly beg forgiveness if any my predictions hurt anyone’s feelings as that is not my intention. It is my duty to write both the good and the negative so that you are warned and get a chance to do something about what is indicated. In this case, planetary movements have a strong and emphatic warning that a negative wave coming.

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