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Predictions 2001 Onwards

Middle-East war?


This is the birth place of the Christian/Muslim God but politicians have turned the region into a conflict zone, a killing field that overflows with blood in addition to propagating revenge and hatred. The young generation is full of bitter hatred for their perceived enemies and are ready to fight to the very end. This is why I have always said that few people in the world understand the true meaning of religion. Leaders have been using religion to divide the people, with some religious/spiritual leaders teaching their followers that their religion is the best. As far as I am concerned, no religion is better than the other and it should never be used to encourage divisions among people.


Because of religious differences in Middle-East, people are killing each other with a bitterness that is not found even in animals. Beasts fight but they separate and do not kill each other indiscriminately their own race. It is profoundly sad that politicians and religious leaders in the Middle East are leading innocent people onto a destructive path that shall yield no achievement whatsoever. I believe that the world will change as soon as people start believing in God’s word of forgiveness. I do not want to prescribe what people should do; my work is not to instruct, but to sketch what I see about the future. I hope that after reading my book, leaders in the Middle East will change paths when they realise that a bad future awaits them in their current path. I hope that they come to this realisation soon before it is too late.


Let me reveal what I foresee concerning the future.


The year does not look peaceful at all for the Middle East. This conflict will spread from IRAN as far as encompassing countries like Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Palestine and Israel will be at the centre of it all. Planet Mars which owns fire and blood will play the role of fuelling the fire and therefore increase the fire. I predict that the conflict will spread and engulf many other nations. The USA and Britain will not do much and Israel will be forced to fight alone. The question is: will Israel survive? Jupiter says maybe yes, but at what cost? The cost is the spilling of their people’s blood and  in 2015/16 the destruction of future generations. The adversaries could change the path of destiny by adopting a policy of peace or granting land to the Palestinians. Then there will be no threat of bloodshed and today’s children will be assured of their own country in future. Jupiter will welcome the peace, because it is a planet of peace. I do not know which path the leaders will adopt: that of Mars or that of Jupiter?


I see the worst period in the Middle East for both Israel and Palestine occurring in the from 2015/16. From this time, the Middle East war will start and /IranMuslim/Arab nations will gather to take action against Israel. During this time when the situation will be highly charged, there will be missile attacks on Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. I pray to the power that controls the universe that the conflict does not become a nuclear war and that the leaders have wisdom to guide them in their decision making.


I would once again like to emphasise that I am neither against any religion nor do I favour any leader or side. I am just predicting what I see. I was very scared at the time of writing and I could not complete my chapter on the Middle East. I left it halfway. This is because when I opened the door to read the chart on the future of the Middle East, the picture was so scary that I left the room, closed the door and got away from it.


I would like to request that the USA and Britain try to find solutions to the crisis.