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The Wave Of Nature Theory

The Wave Of Nature Theory

The Wave of Nature Theory By Mahendra Sharma
The Wave of Nature Theory By Mahendra Sharma

Today, most investors are overwhelmed by various (and many times conflicting) news ideas and opinions on the 24 hour cable news networks, radio and TV talking heads, and columns and blogs online from self proclaimed financial experts. With this information overload, it can be extremely difficult to stay confident and focused on one's investment strategy. The violent ups and downs of the financial markets in the first decade of this century further complicates matters. The financial "professionals", however, never cease to try to explore all venues of analyses - technical, fundamental and geopolitical, etc. Without much added value, and with even more confusion and cost to investors. The unpredictable nature of the market which lays beneath the unlimited amount of information continues to present a seemingly insurmountable challenge for anyone lacking an accurate long-term perspective of market trends.

In this epic quest of predicting the future of financial markets, thanks in large part to the intellectual arrogance and denial of the "financial experts", many have missed what might prove to be the most dependable and logical methodology - the study of “planetary movements”, or what I call “wave of nature”, which shapes all that we call the "future" and is not reliant nor remotely related--to random day to day speculations about the markets.. The most common, and oldest example of such a predictive system in practice is the farmers' almanacs and calendars, be they solar or lunar based, throughout human civilization. Our ancestors, with a great degree of optimal accuracy, seeded and harvested crops primarily based on the movements of the sun and moon. Planets and stars, most notably the sun and moon but also many others in the galaxy, impact or even direct human life and society through their immense energy and magnetic forces.

Take another example in the financial markets; to predict the future price and movement of grains and other soft commodities, investors closely follow weather patterns that significantly affect crop production. However, weather patterns are simply the expressions, or effects, of natural forces, not the greater wave of nature that initiates and creates such effects. That is why, today, with the most advanced supercomputers, meteorologists still have a hard time forecasting weather even a few days in advance.Is it not better, therefore, to attempt to understand the projected wave of nature (the cause) rather than to predict the ever-changing weather patterns (the effect)?

We often fail to appreciate the simple fact that all living things, including the financial markets, vibrate in cycles determined by the wave of nature. Going against the “tides” often proves to be disastrous. Again, I am not referring to technical analysis that tracks and analyses historical performances (another effect), but rather the underlying forces (the cause) which influence each and every event on Earth. That is why I call this system the “Wave of Nature”, which is the foundation of my financial predictions. The “Wave of Nature System” is based upon the simple, yet often ignored, premise that all events are seamlessly connected to and affected by nature as a whole. There is a rhythm in the universe which is ever-present, clear and pure, and this rhythm can be measured (?) through origins of forces in the universe planetary movement, which is an integral, dynamic phenomenon involved with planets and their interactions that impact Earth.

Wave of nature & Financial Markets
Wave of nature & Financial Markets

Since the age of 15, I have committed my life, to understanding the meanings and ramifications of planetary movement more clearly, and I have put such understanding into practice in the financial markets. Thus far, thanks to the grace of nature that bestows on me this gift of understanding, I have found the returns on the investments thatapply my work, to be nothing short of extraordinary. With substantial proven results over the years, I know it is now possible, with high degree of probability, to predict the future patterns of markets through calculation and reasoning of planetary movements. (***the results of such successful predictions need to be a “giving bck” into the nature through charitable actions to complete this holistic circle and mission-which is another topic beyond this thesis).

Unfortunately, as a result of the numerous pseudo-gurus that have infiltrated the arena of the study of planetary movement, or astrology as many like to call it, this branch of natural science has been, discredited in the modern world, under Western influence. However, the Eastern world, from leaders to laymen, has been enthusiastically embracing and practicing the science (and sometimes the art) of planetary movement for thousands of years. In fact, the study of planetary movement was the first science brought forth in human civilization and was, in fact, the ultimate tool and gateway that gave humanity the awareness of and connectedness to the otherwise invisible and intangible Oneness rhythm of nature. The planets—here meaning all heavenly bodies, including the sun, the moon, the nine planets in our solar system, and the countless other stars and planets in the universe—were all created before human life as the foundational blocks that express this rhythm. These substantive bodies and their emitting gravitational and magnetic flows together form a harmonious network of energy and are a rudimentary form of love and life that we witness, practice and revere on Earth. Man can now look to planetary movement as an invaluable supreme source of guidance when he falls out of alignment with his surroundings, or nature.

Just as the four seasons or the ebbs and flows of oceans can be accurately projected according to their natural rhythm directed by planet movement, in these cases mainly the trajectories of Sun and Moon, behaviors of specific investments can be projected in a similar methodology. This can be accomplished through an accurate understanding of the specific planetary chart of the investment from the place and at the time of its birth (or when and where it became available for trading), whose unique parameters can be verified through its historical performances that cannot be emulated by any other investment opportunity.

Because of the skepticism and sometimes scoffs by the conventional Wall Street crowds that dominate modern financial markets, it took almost 15 years for my work to finally become recognized and accepted as being unique and highly accurate (many of our subscribers are bankers, advisors, analysts or traders from leading Wall Street firms across the world). You are cordially invited to review the past predictions shown on our website over the past years, with corresponding documented dates and outcomes. I have also applied to the Guinness Records as the best investment performance in the world with a fully documented investment account that generated 13,000% return, turning $18,000 into more than $4.3 million, during a 5 month period in 2005. These records represent only a small sampling of my work, as I continue to generate forecasts on the future trends of many financial markets and products on a daily and weekly basis.

The uniqueness of the “Wave of Nature” system rests in the ability to accurately predict the future well in advance. Like a meteorologist whose work is to read and interpret what his instruments indicate (and to improve the instruments) to forecast future weather patterns, I attempt to read and interpret what planetary positioning reveals (and polish my comprehension of their movements) and portend for the future of the world. Over the past two decades, I have been focusing more on the world financial markets in order to demonstrate the tangible efficacy of these principles and to reacquaint the Western world with the integrity and importance of appreciating the natural rhythm through planet movement. As the name “Wave of Nature” suggests, we need to operate in harmony with nature and ‘move with, not against, the waves. Failure to be in this rhythm results in increasing investment risks and losses.

It is also crucial to understand that the wave of nature contains both positive and negative cycles-the yin and the yang and each cycle must be respected if one is to profit from the changes. In the event that profiting from the negative cycle is not feasible, it is only prudent that when the wave does not favor a particular area of investment, one should stay away from this area until that investment becomes “favored” again. Likewise, one should aggressively take advantage of the positive cycles in order to maximize profitability at the most ideal time. Therefore, the difficulty for many individuals is to develop the discipline to respect this timing factor. Often feelings and emotions can interfere and make investors less receptive and sensitive to nature's calls. External factors can also sometimes exert a temporary influence on the market or an individual investment. However, this is not to be feared as long as we have an accurate understand the overall long term outlook of the market or investment. I do not believe anyone can derail the course of nature, any more than one can prevent a hurricane from hitting a projected location. Any such effort against the nature is doomed to be ephemeral and futile.

I have been humbled at the eventual positive acknowledgement of my work by millions of individual and institutional investors throughout the world.

Mahendra Sharma