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Why Subscribe To Our Astro-Cycle Services

The Wave of Nature Theory By Mahendra Sharma
Financial Astrology By Mahendra Sharma

Just the other day a 21-year-old asked me about why my services are so expansive, and whether I could give him a valid reason for it. I told him that I must give him a few points which may resolve the puzzle that many who just found our website may also be thinking about.

Firstly, most past doesn’t validate any future predictions. I am not guaranteeing that my work will make you fortune, but so far the astro cycles have helped Thousands globally. Our website has been clicked on around 15 million times, and we have visitors from more than 100 counties. serves all kinds of investors. In the last 30 years MahendraProphecy has made many new millionaires.

Why Subscribe to the MahendraProphecy Letter?

It is always challenging to sell my service to investors who have a certain level of understanding of the market, however once they saw the accuracy, they decided to include my views in their strategy to the level where they didn’t miss a single letter. I owe my success to Wall Street.

Most investors follow technical charts, economic data, fundamentals, earnings, and geo-politics to make investment decisions. Even with all this information no one was able to predict worst financial crisis of 2008. In 2007, we predicted a housing and financial market meltdown worse than 1929.

After intense research in early 1990 I was able reveal that every financial instrument is controlled by different astro-combinations which control human (investors) behavior pattern. The Astro cycle help investors to invest in the right areas and avoid the wrong ones.

We have created our own method to predict price trends, for example in 2001 we predicted gold testing $1800, silver $50.00, copper $400, Platinum $2000, oil $100, and Euro 1.3980. We are all aware those prices were achieved. There are thousands of other predictions that hit their price targets over the last 25 years. The Astro-Cycles guided us on geo-political situations as well.

In the Daily letter we write the daily ranges of all the markets, you can view a sample copy of the daily letter by going to our subscription page. The Daily Flashnews is the second most popular service we provide and it works very well for intra-day and short-term traders.

The most popular service is our Weekly newsletter services, which not only provides guidance for the week, but talks about what could happen in the next five to ten years on specific occasions in markets, commodities and currencies. To conclude:

  • Accurate predictions a week in advance for all the major financial instruments.
  • Accurate predictions for the daily ranges.
  • Great for day trading and swing trading.
  • Deep insight and perspective into current market events and astro correlation.
  • Taking you into the future for the medium to longer term how financial market will act from one year to next multi years.
  • Top favorite trade for the short, medium and longer term and which area one should be avoided.


Highlighted region shows the anterior cingulate cortex, a region of the brain shown to be activated during meditation.

Astro-cycle will take you into tomorrow, one week or year ahead so you can take trade accordingly.

Brain is most powerful tool and you can create anything if you combine you heart and soul. There are certain part of brain we don’t active through our life so I highly recommend to meditate which can activate anterior cingulate cortex during the meditations. Meditations release certain type of chemical and single from the brains which helps us grow huge from insight.

Every inventors, scientist, Atlantic and expert of any field perform mediations unknowingly, their Kirya and Sadhana (work/research) keeping going further and further by deep thinking and deep thinking is core part of mediations. There are thousands of meditations practice and many we perform unknowingly in our daily life.

The Wave of Nature Theory By Mahendra Sharma
Financial Astrology By Mahendra Sharma

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Weekly Financial Letter
Weekly Financial Newsletter

The Weekly Financial Newsletter sketches the likely market trends for the week before they unfold.

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Daily Flash News
Daily Flash News & Day Trading Strategies

The Daily Flash News & Day Trading Strategies is sent five times a week before the Asian market opens.

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Day Trading Ranges
Day Trading Ranges Service

Get Daily Low and High Ranges before the market opens. Best for Day traders

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Lithium, Cobalt, EV Stocks prices movement & opportunities
EV, Battery, Lithium and Clean Energy Report

We update monthly Astro outlook for Lithium, Cobalt, EV Stocks prices movement & opportunities.

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Currency market report
Currency Market Report Subscription

Detail outlook of all major currencies. A must have report for all currencies traders.

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Metal Market
Metal Market Subscription

Detailed outlook for precious metals and base metals for weekly and daily trading range and Investment strategy.

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Stock Investment Report
USA Stock Investment Report

This service will help you create the most unique stock portfolio according to the wave of nature/astro cycle.

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Indian Markets
Indian Market Daily Letter

The Indian market daily letter will give subscriber a daily trading range for Nifty as well as other financial trading instruments

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Market Updates & News Alerts

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