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Predictions 2001 Onwards

India/Sonia Gandhi


The astrological chart has a unique strength for India (my country of birth) but the golden era has not yet started. I see it commencing soon after 4 September 2004, which is also my birthday. India will enter into a great 26 year and 7 month achievement circle.

Year 2004 is election time in the country. Planetary movements and positioning indicate a clear majority in parliament by the Congress Party or the BJP. The elections will be smooth because, compared to the previous elections, there will be no violence. The current opposition party under Sonia Gandhi will gain 27% more seats in parliament. The ruling party, BJP or NDA will not be able to remain intact in the following elections. The few parties within the NDA will split and the results of the elections will be disappointing.

According to Saturn, a new person in the country will become Prime Minister after August 2004. The Congress Party will make considerable gains in Northern India because the chart shows strength in the northern side after the last 17 years. Fifteen years ago, I predicted that Punjab would soon be free from the terrorist problem. The people of Punjab would live in peace and prosperity. This happened exactly as I had predicted.  In the same way, I am now predicting that Kashmir will be free from the terrorist problem. Peace will be restored in the next 14 months. I take great pleasure in sharing the news because Saturn will play a unique role in Jammu and Kashmir.

In January 2003, I predicted a great rise for India’s stock markets and also the rise of the Rupee against the Dollar. In mid March, India’s stock market rose by more than 30% and in fact rose again by more than 50% from 3000. There was an elevation of stock markets and also in the banking and public sectors. I had said that:

Corruption will be a major feature in the country during the year 2003. The financial and stock markets will see a great rise…

2003 World Prophecies, page 93

India’s relationship with Pakistan will improve. As indicated in my previous predictions, both countries were forced to strengthen ties in 2003. There was dialogue and communication, and agreements were reached in order to build trust and enhance peace. As I predicted, peace was a major feature during this period, both internally and with neighbouring countries. My prediction was that:

The good thing in year 2003 is that it will pass relatively smoothly with less Muslim-Hindu feuds.

2003 World Prophecies, page 93

2004 will bring Pakistan and India even closer. In the month of February they will sign a peace agreement but the Kashmir issue will not cease for another five years. A small kind of victory in this issue is evident for India in 2005. There will be no major natural disasters but the rains will be similar to my predictions in 2003, when I stated that:

There will be a very bad heat wave in India and many lives will be lost…

After so many years, in the year 2003, the whole of India will experience a good monsoon. This will be good news for the country because it will help the economy and the financial market will have a positive turn.

2003 World Prophecies, page 95.

Ties with China will be stronger and will improve as time goes by. This will be an interesting time for the two future economic powers.