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Predictions 2001 Onwards

January 2003 for you


I do wish everybody a happy and prosperous new year, it is my hope and prayer that the year will pass on peacefully.  Once again I would like to remind everybody that my prophecies and predictions have no personal feelings, likes and dislikes with any country religion or person, I just predict what I see in my astrological charts.


When we pronounce this word ‘War', it vibrates negatively to us and fills the surrounding environment with a horrific fear. Nobody likes to enter into war. Politicians they are very important people for community, society, region, county and whole world. Peace and war is in their hand, so they should give-up negative thoughts of power and ego because this can create havoc in the world. Planet forces us to make decisions but if we come to know well in advance then we can divert destiny (avoid bad things).

Mars is the owner of war.  From 7th January 2003 it is entering in the blood sign, which is a sign of war, so I would say that any time from 7th January I clearly see in my vision as well as in my astrological calculations that USA will attack Iraq.  This war will last for 29 days and George W. Bush might succeed in removing Saddam Hussein from power.  Currently Saddam Hussein is in a bad period cycle which will end on 21st April 2003, so, if George W. Bush does not succeed in removing Saddam from power, then he will rule Iraq for many years and I see him rising for many years.

As I last predicted, many innocent people will die in this war, and many countries will go against USA.  I pray that Israel should not involved and take active part in this war otherwise in the future coming time, Israel will be in problems with attacks from the Islamic countries and USA will have less time to protect them. 

There will be some good news in the months of May or June, 2003 for Israel and Palestine peace agreement.  I will be watching carefully. I pray for peace and no innocent killings by suicide attacks and killing in the name of JIHAD.


January 2003, will be the worst month for the Middle East.  There will be no peace and there will be a lot of suicide attacks from Palestine.  In Palestine there will be arrests on key people and many important or key people will be killed.  In the month of January 2003, Israel tanks and military will surround Palestine air force will destroy many buildings, house and refugees camps. People will be trapped in horrible scenes.  I cannot write more because the scenes I visualize are horrible.  Why don’t the world political and religious leaders come together for peace?


After the first week of January 2003, all round the world the stock market will stabilize. Technology, Telecom stocks will be on rising side. The Asian (Japan, Hong Kong, India, Korea), European, South American and NASDAQ stock markets will be on the rise.  I do not recommend the blue chips and pharmaceutical stocks for investment in the year 2003.

It will be celebration time for all the metal stocks in the month of January because of the rise in prices of metals and big investments, which will come in the mining sector.  I clear see all metal stocks reaching on a new high and their journey will start head toward to north.  In metals I recommend gold, silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and copper also diamond-mining stocks should be on investors buying list.


Many people complain that I give lot of attention and predictions on gold since the last one and a half years.  Here I want to clarify that I do not favour gold but I just predict what I see for gold.  In my vision I see gold as a very unique metal that is why I am highly attracted to it (gold and I are like followers of Guru and God) because there is no negativity with it, just a feel of peace and happiness.

The main point is investors are always interested in the gold pricing, so I am predicting that gold will continue to move up and in the month of January. Gold will rise more then 12 to 15%. My next target for is $388 and $412. Gold stocks will give maximum gains to investors in the month of January. Many were asking me, why gold stocks are not moving up way gold is doing? I am predicting just watch gold stocks in the month of January 2003. Don’t wait, everybody must have gold stocks in their portfolio (Jupiter is saying).


White metal and like I have already said a week back “give way to a white bullish which is entering in silver, I clearly see the white bull now. In the month of January 2003, I am predicting that silver will rise by more than 14% and may up to $6.00 very soon. Now my predictions for silver are on the right path.


This metal is in my watch list.  In the month of January, Platinum will go crazily upwards by a rise of more that 10%. First target $700 and second one $900 The same will be for Rhodium and Palladium, they will rise more then 100 to 500% in year 2003.


In December 2002, I predicted that oil prices will touch $28 a barrel, this prices went above my predictions.  In January I see a sudden rise in oil prices which will go a two, three or four years high although I do see a sudden drop in prices by 9% in any one week of January otherwise, the overall the month of January will be a rising month for oil but it will be very volatile because of USA-Iraq and Middle-East war.


Coffee prices will have a sudden rise from 16th January 2003.  This sudden rise will give relief to coffee traders who have been stuck in the coffee trade for a long period.


I am recommending investment in copper just for the next 45 days.  The prices can rise by more that 20 to 25% but then after the prices will collapse.


From 7th January 2003, South African Rand will start moving down.  In the Month of January the dollar will gain against the Japanese Yen, Swiss frank, Canadian dollar. And against major currencies (Euro, Pound) will remain stable.  My advise is:  Do not make any speculations or decisions on currencies trading because all technical calculations on currencies will go wrong and it will be very confusing so this area should remain untouched.


In the month of January there will be a lot of small accidents and terrorist attacks.  Weather will play a negative role in the Northern part of the world and many will die in cold and will be forced to change zones.  People living in this part of the world should be cautious because the cold, rain or water will bring havoc.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma