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Amazon Prime Video - Financial Astrologer - Mahendra Sharma / Documentary
Dow will rise sharply - 26 Feb 2009
Radio interview with Jack Bouroudjian CNBC contriibutor Radio interview with Jack Bouroudjian CNBC contriibutor

Radio interview with Jack Bouroudjian
CNBC contributor

Exceptional Trading Performance
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Exceptional Trading Performance

In 2005, Mahendra achieved over 13228% returns in 5 months. This track record has been submitted to Guinness Book of World Records.

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Predictions from the Books

Predictions that Came true in 2019

  • Bull market to continue in global equity market
  • USA indexes and stocks would outperform world
  • S&P testing 3200
  • Tech stocks to perform well along with financials
  • Rise in coffee price by 50%
  • Emerging market currencies to perform far better
  • Gold achieved top of $1545, Silver $19.75, and Platinum $998
  • Gold to bottom out at $1281, Silver $14.25, and platinum at $788.
  • Thirty Year bond bottoming out at 137-00
  • Stock like Apple, Microsoft, Dexcom, Google, Amazon, AMD, LSCCL, Tesla, OLED, Ciena, Skechers and ETF’s like INDL, YINN, LABU, SOXL, UVXY, NUGT, JNUG, and UGAZ moved in the predicted directions
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Quotes from Well Known Personalities

Mahendra's work has received appreciation from around the world. There are a lot of well-known personalities that has praised his work. Below are a few quotes from them.


Mahendra called the bottom of the gold market in November 2001 to the day,well in advance. Amazing!

Bill Murphy
Chairman of GATA, Lemetropolecafe


He has great awareness of whats' happening in the world. He can discuss and advise on any topic.

Musalia Mudavadi
Prime Minister of Kenya


Mahendra's work is unique, I have never seen an astrologer like him, who can guide right path on key international issues.

Hameed Kidwai
Advisor on Intl issue