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Best year - 2012

Fore Thought – Does the World End in 2012?

There has been talk of the end of the world for many years, a debate that has greatly fascinated people from various persuasions. I would like to state from the outset that predictions of the world ending either in 2012 or in 2099 are mere conjecture. Some of this talk has been fuelled by those who proclaim that Nostradamus predicted the end of the world or a breakout of a world war by the year 2012. However, I repeat what I said back in 1998 when several people prophesied doom and foretold the end of the world; ignore these theories. The world will remain intact and continue to exist, and we shall actually make numerous discoveries and unravel new secrets of the universe.


It is a matter of great pride and some relief to see the growing awareness about global warming and the efforts being put in place to tackle this potentially devastating problem. Human activity must clearly go on, but we must also contribute to healing the planet and aid in its replenishment whenever our activities interfere with its natural balance. At the very least, we should remain aware that our activities directly determine the heritage that we shall bequeath future generations. Though the issue may appear remote to most people, I believe that we all have a role to play in keeping the planet healthy and on the right path for the sake of posterity. We therefore need to get more involved and waste no opportunity for championing healthy and sustainable management of the planet’s resources.


In order to lead a meaningful life and attain joy in our endeavors, we must ever strive to eliminate negativity from our thoughts. Negativity is a sure way to the wrong path, and we should therefore cultivate faith, both in ourselves as well as in others. For instance, it makes little sense to blame Islam or those who profess it for everything that is not right in the world. The fact is that many Muslim and Arab countries have done very good things. Many of these countries have made tremendous leaps in development that have changed the face of their nations. For the last seven years, their people have been experiencing new levels of livelihood and creating employment opportunities even for neighboring countries. Similarly, one should not blame countries in the west and brand them war mongers. The world is facing new challenges every day and such countries must retain the right to counter persons or groups who pose a danger to their future. Nevertheless, war and the amassing of weaponry is not the way forward, for only through peace, harmony and love can we secure the future survival of the world.


We all want to spend life on earth without fear and with an abundance of joy. We need to appreciate nature for providing us with countless miraculous things on such a beautiful planet, most of which are beyond human control. Indeed, the greatest control we have over nature’s gift is the decision to either protect or destroy it. To continue experiencing the joy of nature, we must emphasize creation and not the destruction of what nature has bestowed upon us. This way, we experience a joy like that of holding a new born baby, which is one of the most pleasant experiences that our mind and body can live through.  However, we must have love, for only love will make us tend and care for the world, after which we can experience the pleasures that issue from it. There is no way to over-emphasize this: the only answer to a peaceful world is love. Love and more love.  Therein lies the answer to most problems of humankind.