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Predictions 2001 Onwards




Many people complain that I give lot of attention and predictions on gold since the last one and a half years.  Here I want to clarify that I do not favour gold but I just predict what I see for gold.  In my vision I see gold as a very unique metal that is why I am highly attracted to it (gold and I are like followers of Guru and God) because there is no negativity with it, just a feel of peace and happiness.


The main point is investors are always interested in the gold pricing, so I am predicting that gold will continue to move up and in the month of January. Gold will rise more then 12 to 15%. My next target for is $388 and $412. Gold stocks will give maximum gains to investors in the month of January. Many were asking me, why gold stocks are not moving up way gold is doing? I am predicting just watch gold stocks in the month of January 2003. Don’t wait, everybody must have gold stocks in their portfolio (Jupiter is saying). War will also push prices of gold up but I don't see that much effect on gold because it will be rising on it's own.