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2003 World Prophesies

2003 World Prophesies

Book may help investors to make timely decisions in all major markets

Today on 6th December, I have launched my new book '2003 World Prophesies'. I have tried my best to predict the unpredictable trend of world financial market, which covers weekly and monthly movement of all major stock markets, major sectors like tech & telecom, Pharmaceutical, blue-chip companies, banking. It also covers all major currencies, commodities like - Oil, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Rhodium, Palladium, Coffee, Copper, Cotton etc. 

Also "2003 World Prophesies" covers predictions on movement of Real Estate prices, war (USA-IRAQ on 7th Jan 2003), Middle-East, terrorist attacks, religion (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism) AIDS cure, nature and weather. 

Key personalities and future of 77 countries in 2003 (Detailed on USA, UK, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Iraq, India, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, Mexico, N.Korea etc).

My prayer is that this book will be a small contribution towards bringing peace to the world. It is important that our leaders understand the possible consequences of failing to keep the interests of this planet as their first priroity when making their decisions. 

Make wave of nature/astro cycle an integral part of your trading & Investment strategies!

2003 World Prophesies
Book Price: $59.25 USD