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Predictions 2001 Onwards

Gold Revolutions



For the last few centuries we had many kinds of revolutions in the world, some were bloody or painful and few towards the new path or innovate revolutions.  My understanding of the meaning revolution is entering a final stage, breaking the old laws, entering freedom or a new era with full energy and positive force where masses slowly join together towards new directions.


The gold revolutions will be a small kind of an earthquake, involving financial markets, this quake will stabilize the world economy because from 2000 the way world economy is going and stock markets behaving. Which will cause paper currency melt down, bankruptcy of giant companies, banking system will collapse because of failure in technological system, banks will collapse because of financial uncertainty and many more reasons which I see they are on the way. 


When I was in Zimbabwe last week, I was getting six thousand Zim-Dollar against the US dollar, few years back the Zim-Dollar was 8 to 1 US$. This is purely political and economical instability that causes the problems to Zim-Dollar. This is not only in Zimbabwe it can also happen in the USA or any other European country. And this is what I see happening soon.


Gold prices are not moving up or down just that currency show the value against the gold because all major international trading taking place in currencies values. Gold was there with its own value, it is there at same value and will be there in future with same value but currencies and other buying instrument will get so weak that world will feel that gold is very expensive or out of reach. This is the only reason for gold to reach first $800 and than next target is $1600.

According to me the gold revolutions which started from 2000 will continue for the next 47 years, ending after stabilizing the gold currency in the world, it will be the one and only currency in the world i.e. like the way a country has its own currency, it will even remain as deposits in the banks. Gold will play a key role in world economy as key instrument for trade.


Let me come back to the year 2003 and 2004, the gold will make its own foundation with other rival trade instrument (currencies) but they will loose against gold and it will march ahead continuously without major obstacle. This is something I see and feel and I am confident it will happen because it is already started. I have used the word “gold revolutions” because gold will break all barriers and it will enter with strength in the world economy. Its strength will be perimeter of countries or individuals financial strength.


Since May 2000 In all my three books I have mentioned of gold so many times and I requested people to invest their money on gold and gold stocks. I don’t want investors to miss gold revolution marching, investors should join and match ahead with gold revolution because after few years every body will be there so, its more interesting and exciting if you had entered the time revolution started, like when gold was trading below $280 I was talking about gold or recommending investment. I still remember in 2001 December I asked a friend of mine to convert his full portfolio in gold and gold stocks and his banker refused to do so, they said that they don’t believe in gold or its stocks, it surprised me. And my friend is regretting today, last week I received an email from the same bank asking me why I had been so confident in gold and future gold outlook.  This is call revolutions because now none believer in metal are giving double thoughts and they might be very late when they will be convinced. Finally when they will jump that will be the time of full gold revolutions in world economy.


Currently I am receiving many emails on gold and people are scared and not confident (because still full flash of gold revolutions has not started yet) around $370 level and they are saying, from here gold will go down and they are asking me why I am still bullish. I said, ‘now if gold goes down, the world economy will collapse and there will be big meltdown in whole financial system. So the destiny of the world will change’ and one thing I know is that destiny never changes. That’s why gold has to go up.


The first phase of gold revolution will end in October 2004, when gold will be in command, not like the empire, because all empires eventually have ended in downfall. I clearly see that gold will be sitting ahead on chariot marching ahead with no fear of any diminish and it will rule the world without harming anyone in the next 40 years.  I don’t know if I will around to see it. 


Second phase of gold revolutions I will write soon.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma