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Time will be the only answer..New prediction on metals and market

Dear Brother,

Gold and silver remained weak during last 3 days - I have never experienced like this when I see some thing very strongly opposite. The event didn't take place but still I am very much hopeful on metals. They should bounce back very strongly any time. Still I believe that gold will have a very strong current month as well as next three months.


I feel really very sorry because I was not able to guide you properly during this week on metals. Every thing else in newsletter went very well except Gold and silver.

I am watching very closely all movements in the metal prices and try to evaluate each 30 minutes faction of gold and silver with planetary movements so this kind of miscalculation doesn't occur in future. You will going to receive newsletter as usual but I will try to also guide you every day with a small note that might be helpful for you in making short term decision. Two incidences happen this week:

    1. I said in my newsletter stay away from oil because it would remain very volatile. Yesterday evening I saw I strong rise for today and it did happen (went up almost $2.00 but it will remain volatile). 

    2. I saw a strong rise in coffee from Thursday (today went up 2750 points) but in my newsletter I just mentioned that this week coffee will rise strongly so         this only helps medium or long term investor's but I think daily update will sure help my members to make short term decision.


I will try my best to guide you.


I am trying to envisage future - I know, no external power can hold back the destiny or you can call "time". I am just predicting what has been written in the destiny for gold, silver, other financial field and for world in general. Some times I come off track on timing but always the prophecies has been fulfilled and I am hopping my gold and silver prediction will also be fulfilled.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma



Dear Members,

Friday six hours and Monday six hours (total 12 hours) might have created question mark in many people’s mind on my 25 years of astrology work because it happened so suddenly on silver (and as a adviser I have not warned my members because I didn’t see and still I don’t see metal going down) when I was expecting opposite to happen.


As I always say that I never change my prediction but may be here I would like to change one date: In my book I said that – around the middle of September silver prices will artificially drop it would try to scare metal investor’s but don’t get scared). On gold – In the first half of September, Planet Venus will attempt to scare gold investors by causing sudden drop in gold prices. My advice is that they should not be scared but instead take any drop in prices to be a good buying opportunity.

May this have come early in last two trading session? I am not trying to safeguard me and my weekly newsletter but trying to guide my members in the best way I can. So we will watch this week and whole month of September.


From my this week newsletter except silver and coffee other prediction are doing fine like..

Currencies have performed well today against US$ and they will do next three day

Copper went up strongly

Soybean went down

Oil remain directionless


I am still waiting this week metal to perform strongly from tomorrow or Thursday.

I am waiting for my major three predictions to fulfill in the month of September 2004:

  1. Gold going to $448
  2. Silver would touch $7.45
  3. Coffee $98
  4. USA stock market will give most weak sign by crashing more than 200 points in a signal day in-between 9 Sep to 18 Sep.
The time I am writing this alert news gold is at $397.90 and silver is $6.21.
Neither I want you to lose money nor I would like to have a dent on my work. Time will be the only answer.


Thanks & God Bless


7th September 2004