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Here is my this week newsletter for you to view how my methodology is working in most unpredicted world financial market and why my newsletter is most popular with in world financial community and most powerful players in market.


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The newsletter from 18 Oct to 22 Oct



On Monday gold prices will remain uncertain or directionless with little movement. Those who want to take a short term position should buy in opening session of New York trading on Tuesday. Gold prices will then move in an upward direction from mid Tuesday till Wednesday. DURING THESE TWO DAYS a big player will enter the market or big money will shift in metals from either the stock market or oil. On Thursday last hour and Friday gold prices will stay volatile. I will write more about this in my alert commentary.


Short term – Sideway

Range - $414.80 to $428.80



Compared to gold, silver will perform weak on Monday but it will improve on Tuesday in New York. If any of the prices move down (on Tuesday) during the early trading hours, one can start accumulating. Those who selling on rising during middle of week should buy it back before the market close on Friday. Hold your investments in silver because I see it rising 3 to 5 percent either on  Tuesday or Wednesday or in next week.



Last week, copper surprised everybody even as I warned that one may loose all that had just been made if one became too greedy in the market. For the last 8 months I have been citing a very strong movement in copper when prices were around 70. Avoid copper for next forty days. 


For the last two weeks I have been warning people to get out from copper because I saw the fall, and it came. Copper prices will stabilize during this week around $125 to $128, though I still do not recommend investment in copper.



The downfall in copper, aluminium and nickel prices put commodity investors on alert. But there is nothing to worry about in regard to palladium prices from middle of week because this week will be the right time to accumulate palladium from Wednesday. I am still very much hopeful on palladium reaching a new high of 2004.


From next week, I will write on the weekly movement of Palladium and Platinum prices.


This week, Platinum is set to remain directionless- avoid it.



The market has given weak signals for which I have been waiting for long. Blue chip companies (GM, AIG) have given bad news, which is what I said last week. Once again, get out 100% from stocks like tech, blue chip, big name and high value stock on rise.


The market has already entered a long term downward trend, which is being controlled by Saturn. Let me affirm that I see a 5000 point downturn, even if Fed injected 100 or 500 Billion dollars into the market to keep it up. Any such efforts will lead to naught and in fact fed will lose whatever they gamble. False hope and greed don’t pay in the long run. Unfortunately, investors have a mistaken faith that the Fed or the government will keep the market up. Regrettably, that is not going to happen, hence my warning to stock market investors for the last three months and since than market is not rising it is just moving around same level (only 3% came down).


I am neither against the USA market or Fed, I am just predicting what I see. In 1992 I predicted a great seven year rise of the USA stock market and now I am predicting a seven year drop.



Mars controls oil and the present situation is like when you heat an iron rod red hot. Even if you put off the fire you used for heating the iron, it does not mean that you can touch the rod; otherwise you will burn your finger.


Don’t create a new position (long or short) in oil and if you have one, get out of it. I will properly guide you on this in the last week of October.


In my list of predictions, oil has taken top position with 100% accuracy. Since March 2002 when oil prices were $22 and even last year, I made a call on oil reaching $50 to $60 a barrel.





Last week my calculations on currencies were accurate. During this week, the US Dollar is ready to fall towards a new six month low. The Japanese Yen, Euro and British Pound are on the other hand ready to fly.



I have been off track once more in regard to coffee for the last two weeks. This Thursday Coffee should gain strongly in not than I may change my short term out look. I see it rising to 98 in the next 4 weeks. I will put this same prediction even in next week’s newsletter. I will write on coffee on Thursday.



Saturn is ready to take control over cotton. Watch the price movements very closely because prices will move up.



Mercury indicates a green signal for all grains (Soybean, corn and wheat). Investing at this level for seventeen days will give good returns.



Leaders OR any person always commit a mistake when they think that they are supreme. This is a clear invitation to evil because leaders are not meant to lord over others, but to serve.


I don’t know who to blame for the Iraq war: Saddam or Bush?

Before the war, Iraq was safer both for Iraqis and the world at large. The question that begs answer is; who is ultimately responsible for the dying children, women and the old people in IRAQ right now?


I feel pain; I feel sad because I take the world as one family of humanity. Each body has a soul and each soul is connected with nature. We breathe the same air as the Iraqis. As we are, they are also human beings! Why does nobody talk of this! Why is there such a loud silence? I sense that nature is unhappy, and I pray that nature forgives our leader and not to divide world. We should pray that in future, no leader ever steers the world to a similar situation as has happened in Iraq.


I predicted both wars because I saw them coming and appealed for conflict to be averted. I warned that the results would be negative and that war would lead to polarisation and division in the world. I neither for or against Saddam or Bush, I simply write as a concerned citizen of the world and as a son of nature.


Still early, if all leaders get together and short out difference or try for peace in middle-east, otherwise I see big problem coming ahead in 2005.


Please be an ambassador for love, peace and good cheer, for the only good that love can achieve is when spread and shared- there are people who need it out there.


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra 17 Oct 2004