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Planet says - JOHN KERRY - Next President for USA?

Planet says - JOHN KERRY?

Millions have been waiting on my announcement on USA election result


I have been making predictions on world events for the last 21 years. The US Presidential election has always been special due to its impact not only for Americans, but world-wide. I have made predictions on the previous four USA elections well in advance of the actual election and the predictions have come to pass in each case. In the last election, I predicted that George W. Bush would emerge as the winner by a very narrow margin following a gruelling contest. Let us see what the planets disclose in regard to this year’s election outcome.


As you may be aware, I concluded my calculations about the election results way back in May of this year. However, I did not announce the result because there were clear indications of a major difficulty. Though the problem still persists, I have resolved to disclose the negativity so that the leaders may exercise caution.



Last year I affirmed that according to his chart, President George Bush would triumph over Saddam Hussein if he launched the attack by March 19. Since the first strike was launched on March 19, it was only a matter of time before Saddam was swept away from power. Indeed, Bush did not attack IRAQ; he attacked Saddam and he got the victory just as the chart indicated.


George Bush’s chart indicates strength up until October 12 after which his popularity will decline.



John Kerry has a negative aspect in his chart that concerns his well being. Up until October 21, his chart is not good and he may have health complications. However, chances of his being the next US President are very good if he makes a smooth transition through this period.


The planet Mars will become positive in his chart from October 1.  His popularity will be on the rise from this date. Kerry will gain strength from October 21 when Mars will play a role in victory.


In view of these considerations, I will write my final note concerning the elections at mid-night on October 21. This is because I would like to determine how John Kerry fares during the period that leads up to October 21. 



The USA is in for some very tough times as far as the economy is concerned.  I pray that the Administration can focus more attention on the economy instead of concentrating on IRAQ, IRAN or North Korea. Whoever finally wins the election will face an uphill battle in maintaining the people’s support because over the next few years there will be a great deal of criticism directed at the President as a result of worsening economic conditions. This economic crisis has been gradually building up for the last two years and I have consistently warned policy makers and economists about it. It is imperative that the government moves very quickly or the world will suffer from a meltdown of the US economy.


In a press conference during the launch of my book in India early this year, I said that the Congress party would win the elections and that India would have a new Prime Minister. After making this prediction, two famous Bollywood (note: Bollywood is India’s equivalent to Hollywood in the USA) actors who had graced the occasion came and spoke to me about what recent polls had projected. They told me that all indications were for the BJP (Atal Behari Vajpayee) getting a new mandate by a huge margin. They further confided that since it was the launch of my book, it was imprudent to go against what was then the prevailing belief by declaring that Congress would win and that India would have a new Prime Minister.


My answer to this was that I simply predicted what I saw.


In regard to the election in the United States, I can only proffer my best wishes to both candidates. What I predict concerning them is a mere reflection of what I see.


Thanks & God Bless


5th October 2004



Few past prediction



Many astrological predictions that I have made so far concerning different countries and people have been more than 95 percent accurate. I owe the credit for this accuracy to my esteemed grandfather, my father’s guru and of course Nostradamus.


In 1990 - 1991 I wrote an article about the fall of communism and the disintegration of the USSR, in which I predicted the removal of president Mikhail Gorbachev from office and the collapse of the Soviet economy. One small magazine printed the article. Then on 8th August 1991 the oldest Kenyan newspaper, “The Standard” reprinted this article about the disintegration of the USS under the title “The man who knows the future”. Within two weeks the USSR collapsed, disintegrating as predicted and Gorbachev was removed from power within three days thereafter. I received literally thousands of telephone calls from people who were stunned by the enormity, and accuracy of my predictions. Subsequently, I predicted that Yeltsin would take over power in Russia. In 1998 I again predicted the retirement of Yeltsin from politics due to health problems.


In 1991, I foresaw the danger facing Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, and within twenty days, on 21st May 1991, the latter was assassinated.


After the long stay in jail of Nelson Mandela, I predicted that the freedom fighter would be the first democratic ruler of South Africa.


Another accurate prediction made in 1997 was that the widow of Rajiv Gandhi (Sonia Gandhi) would enter politics.


In 1991, I foretold that there would be no peace in yugoslavia and that many people would die.


In news articles in 1991, 1992, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 I predicted that there would be no peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, and that US efforts to broke peace between the two countries would not succeed.


I predicted that natural disaster would rock Japan in 1992. The earthquake that devastated Kobe confirmed this predictions in 1992.


During the 1992 and 1997 general elections in Kenya the success of the ruling party KANU and President Daniel Arap Moi were another accurate prediction.


During 2000 Kenya recorded very small amount of rainfall and the country experienced severe drought, resulting in power rationing. I accurately predicted that there would be heavy rains and that the power problems would be over by the end of that year.


foresaw problems in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the year 2000 and that the life of Laurent-Desiree Kabila, leader of the country was in danger. Laurent Kabila was assassinated in January 2001 by one of his own bodyguards after the war with rebel groups backed by Uganda and Rwanda.


A prediction made in May, 1999 that Army Chief Parvez Musharraf would take power from the Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff of Pakistan has come to pass in October, 1999.


The smooth transfer of Hong Kong to China from the Britain added accuracy to my predictions.


A major scandal affecting US President Bill Clinton during his two terms in office was also predicted and that he might not survive his second term due to major scandal. Clinton survived but was almost removed from office in the aftermath of the Monica Lewinsky affair.


Also predicted was the Mr. George W. Bush victory in the 2000 US elections.


Perhaps one of the most powerful set of predictions made, the veracity of which has attracted the world’s attention, are those concerning the British Royal Family. I predicted that the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana would be rocked by problems and that they would eventually separate from each other. Also predicted was that Diana would be exposed to mortal danger and this was confirmed through her death in a motor crash in Paris in 1998.


Few prediction which came true from book


Since the launch of the 2004 World & Financial Prophecies in November 2003, a lot of predictions have been fulfilled, while many are still poised to come to pass within the next 3 months. Here are a few important ones that have elicited widespread attention from all corners of the world:

1. As predicted, metals attained a new high on 2 April 2004

2. The Dollar reached a new low against all major currencies in the first quarter of 2004

3. Collapse of Grain prices after May 2004

4. End of the USA-IRAQ war and the subsequent chaos

5. Oil prices crossing the $50 mark after the middle of 2004

6. The rise of Russia

7. Skyrocketing of the USA deficit in 2004

8. Rise of interest rates after May 2004

9. Occurrence of floods in Bangladesh

10. Also the predicted stunning victory of Congress party in India. Indeed, BJP is still in shock following the defeat

11. Devastating hurricanes hitting the East coast of USA in August and September

12. ANC victory in South Africa

13. Rise of Coffee prices after mid 2004

14. Platinum crossing the $900 mark in the first quarter of 2004

15. The rise of Palladium by more than 50% by March 2004

16. The amazing rise of copper prices in 2004

17. The beginning of a decline of the USA Stock market after June 2004

18. The emergence of surprising Libya-USA friendship ties

19. The drawing closer of India and Pakistan in 2004. However, I have a different prediction for 2005 concerning this

20. The heat wave in India

21. Rise of unemployment in the USA

22. Silver prices touching $7.95 early in the year


By the end of 2004, the list shall be updated to include the latest predictions.



The predictions that have come true since the December 2002 launch of my book “2003 World Prophesies”

  • Gold, silver and Platinum rise.
  • Cotton Price rise.
  • Fire in Oil storage (occurred in New York Friday, 21 Feb 2003).
  • Accident in gathering place(Happened in the night clubs).
  • Opposition victory in Kenyan elections.
  • Plane crash and accidents.
  • New policy on gold mine in South Africa.
  • Crash of Oil Prices in March.
  • USA and Iraq war.
  • 20th March attack on Saddam.
  • France and China won't support USA for war.
  • UK will support USA for war.
  • Russia won't support the Iraq war.
  • Turkey's problem with neighbouring country.
  • Syria will have Stressful relations with western world and Europe.
  • Tensions between North Korea and USA.
  • Saddam bad time and Bush good time in March.
  • Weather would create havoc around the world.
  • Copper prices rise.
  • Euro, Pound, Ausi Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Franc Rand and Brazil currencies rise against US$.
  • Japanese Yen Rise against US$.
  • South Korea natural disaster.
  • Technology stocks would rise after March 2003 in USA.
  • Death of key personality in Kenya.
  • Israel-Palestine peace agreement in early 2003 and after August 2003 major conflict.
  • India-Pakistan friendship.
  • China flood and heat wave in Europe and India.
  • Asian stock market rise.     
  • Rise in Indian, Brazil stock and s. Korea market.
  • Food and oil prices rise in RSA in-spite of strong Rand.
  • Sri Lanka peace sign in-between LLTE and Government.
  • Libya's Gaddafi and positive policy.
  • Good monsoon in Kenya and India.
  • Great rise in metal stocks.
  • UN will fail to play fair role in world because of USA and UK.


The predictions that have come true since the September 2001 launch of my book“2002 World Prophesies (First Edition)” and second updated edition published in mid 2002.

·     Terrorist attack on USA (September 11th attack on different places in the USA).

·     Terrorist attack on India (Parliament attack)

·     Big buildings will collapse (Twin Towers)

·     Many deaths will occur in gathering places (Stadium tragedy in SA and West Africa)

·     India – Pakistan tension

·     Attack on Yasser Arafat and Palestine

·     Argentina economy collapse, peso will devalue and key politicians will resign.

·     War in Afghanistan and terrorist activities in Afghanistan

·     US Dollar will go down and US economy will come under recession

·     Euro and British Pound rise

·     Oil prices will touch $30 US

·         Flooding in Algeria and Mexico

·     Gold prices will rise (currently prices are rising)

·     BJP will lose in coming elections (ruling party BJP lost elections in India)

·     Health problems in Royal family (death of Princess Margaret and Queen Mother)

·     USA-IRAQ tension and Saddam will be in headline

·     World key stock market will collapse in 2002 and stablise in October 2002

·     Technology and telecommunications stocks rise from October 2002

·     Big business house will collapse (ENRON, WORLD COM)

·     IMF and donors will support Brazil

·     Heavy floods and damage in Europe and Asia.

·     Huge weather disturbances (heavy rains, cold, storms, typhoons and tornados)

·     Food grain shortages in Africa (Malawi)

·     Benazir Bhutto’s will become strong.

·     Pervez Musharraf's popularity will go down. (His support dwindles)

·     BJP will lose and Congress party will win. (Jammu & Kashmir election proved)

·     Coffee will rise from September 2002 (rise by 40%)

·     Train and aircraft accident in India and Europe

·      SA Rand would gain against US$ when it was 14