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Today is ‘Oath Time’
Dear Member's


Before I write my predictions for next week, I would like to remind you once again that “South America, Africa and many parts of Asia have a large number of lower middle class and poor people who can not afford medical facilities, food, water, education and other amenities that many of us take for granted”. It should be a sobering notion to realize that while we enjoy in our abundance, there is someone out there who has gone without food for several days.


Making money and striving to attain material prosperity are in themselves not bad Karma. Indeed, it is perfectly in order to aspire for riches and success. At the initial stage, people are full of good intentions and they fervently declare how they will do charitable deeds once they attain success. However, no sooner do they attain the success they so much crave than they forget all about their previous vows. Many whose life dreams become a reality actually become alienated and indifferent. They are no longer moved by the unspeakable suffering and need which was initially so vivid. It is sad that once success comes through the front door, greed also creeps in through the back door. An ignoble notion that spending on charitable causes is a waste may become gradually entrenched in the mind. In fact, one may start regarding any such expenditure as some sort of imprudent loss which cannot be recouped.


Let me illustrate with something that I have seen many times;– While people are at church, temple, mosque, guru or other religious place, they pray for very many things and are quick to acknowledge that they have achieved a lot since they started believing or attending worship. In true brotherly piety, they declare that whatever they have also belongs to their neighbours and to be shared. However, it is interesting that when they approach the donation box after prayer, the same people will give the smallest note they can get. This is how we are; either we don’t have the guts to face up to the challenge and practice what is right or we fear to part with or share our money- I just don’t know what to say!


It is not a waste to spend money on a good cause; always remember those who are suffering in various parts of the world. They also nurture dreams of a better life but either due to circumstances or other reasons, they are unfortunately confined to a miserable life with very bleak prospects for a brighter future. It may not be your fault that they are in their misery, but have you ever stopped to think that it may also not be their fault? If we only try, we can offer them some light and may be open up a path of hope for their future generations. This can only be possible if we take a solemn and unbreakable oath to dedicate part of our profits to the needy. 


My aim is that you make money because money can make more money. This way, you can make extra difference in the world because additional resources will impart increased ability to assist and even change lives. The only thing that lacks is the willingness to make the difference and this is why you must make an oath to give away 10 or 20 percentage towards a good cause.


I used to ask people to help by contributing to my foundation but then I noticed that people’s hearts are not as big as I previously envisioned; the fact is that they want to make millions and spend a few hundred only. I therefore decided to a write book, created my website and I am now spending part of my income for charity work. I feel good and quite elated because even if my soul was to depart tomorrow, I would never regret. If an average middle class person like me can do this, why not you? I have no doubt that nature will reward you a hundred times more in a different way. Please support the needy; don’t ignore them. I feel proud that a person like Bill Gates exists on earth- he is doing an unbelievable job on charity work.  


Money comes and goes and people take huge losses in the market and then regret the wrong decisions they may have made. However, you won’t ever regret this decision. In fact, you shall one day experience the glow of inner peace and satisfaction, knowing that you did something noble in your life. Indeed, the only regret may be why you never did more.


Please forgive me if you feel bad about my thoughts because this is not what you have subscribed for. You may rightly wonder why I burden you with all this, but I feel that I must share with you since my members are like family to me. As in a family, among friends or between persons in a close relationship, we discuss things which can make life better, happier and more satisfying.


So please do something for nature by helping the needy. I am sure that you will make more money because you will make the right decisions on the right time. In my newsletter I just indicate future trends of the market but you are the one that makes the decisions. You therefore need support from nature and get more as I have mentioned above.



Leaders OR any person always commit a mistake when they think that they are supreme. This is a clear invitation to evil because leaders are not meant to lord over others, but to serve.


I don’t know who to blame for the Iraq war: Saddam or Bush?

Before the war, Iraq was safer both for Iraqis and the world at large. The question that begs answer is; who is ultimately responsible for the dying children, women and the old people in IRAQ right now?


I feel pain; I feel sad because I take the world as one family of humanity. Each body has a soul and each soul is connected with nature. We breathe the same air as the Iraqis. As we are, they are also human beings! Why does nobody talk of this! Why is there such a loud silence? I sense that nature is unhappy, and I pray that nature forgives our leader and not to divide world. We should pray that in future, no leader ever steers the world to a similar situation as has happened in Iraq.


I predicted both wars because I saw them coming and appealed for conflict to be averted. I warned that the results would be negative and that war would lead to polarisation and division in the world. I neither for or against Saddam or Bush, I simply write as a concerned citizen of the world and as a son of nature.


Still early, if all leaders get together and short out difference or try for peace in middle-east, otherwise I see big problem coming ahead in 2005.


Please be an ambassador for love, peace and good cheer, for the only good that love can achieve is when spread and shared- there are people who need it out there.


Thanks & God Bless