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Dear Members,
As all you know that I am counting too much on tomorrow for gold and silver to rally crazily. I am sure that finally it will going to happen tomorrow (Tuesday).
I will be with you in this victorious period. Time for celebration in few hours and this might continue for few days for metal investor's.
Also US Dollar is ready to collapse.
Thanks & God Bless
Monday 17.30 Santa Barbara
Dear Members,

The phase into which we have moved is an interesting era where time will bring great changes in the financial market trends. If not well braced and ready for these changes, then one better move out of the market and be engaged in some other work.


Many investors have retained their entire focus on areas in which they have made money in the past and forgotten that times are ever changing. Time never remains static and we must therefore always embrace new ideals and practices so as to keep pace with the motions of the ever changing times. Due to their limited outlook, many have missed out on other areas favoured by time in which they would have reaped handsome rewards.


Though people are generally not fond of being told bad news about what they love, I would like to remind them that they should also be ready for the worst period if time or nature so warns. I am therefore not reluctant to be a bearer of ill tidings in this regard when it is meant to help you put in place appropriate strategies to confront the future.


Just take an example of OIL - When I made the prediction last year that it would reach $50 and I advised many to invest in it on that ground, some asked me ‘who cares’ whether oil goes to $50 or not. Today, the whole world is talking about it but still no one seems overly concerned of its negative implications in coming time.


Most financial TV channels in the USA say that economy is sound and that everything is doing well. This is while time/destiny is saying something different! Nature says that ignorance is like suicidal: as people saying ‘who cares’ and going to the beach to have a good time despite meteorological warnings of an imminent hurricane. Such conduct can only be to the detriment of anyone imprudent enough to ignore such warning.


TODAY I AM WARNING ALL THE WORLD’S MICRO-ECONOMISTS, FINANCIAL POLICY MAKERS, CENTRAL BANK GOVERNORS AND FED CHAIRMAN ALLAN GREENSPAN; that nothing is fine in USA, Europe and China’s economy and these key people should take immediate steps on weakness. They should hide weakness or negativity. Allan Greenspan or any economists have seen one year back rising oil prices? Or can they explain the reason behind current rising of oil! infect now Iraq is free from Saddam. No, they can’t answer because the reason is time factor, destiny or nature.

There is a very strong reason for my untiring prediction that the worst crash of the stock market is imminent. It was good time because people have made easy money in USA market in last 14 years bull market as well as directionless fed policy but now time is coming difficult. I don’t know how they will handle this coming worst depression time where it will be hard to earn or there will be very less value of money US dollar if you compare against GOLD. This will be the same case for all major world currencies against GOLD. 


Last year, there was a reason behind my firm assertion that the housing bubble in the USA and EUROPE would burst after October 2004.


Similarly, there is a reason for stating many times that RUSSIA will rise strongly and that China will collapse. USA economist or companies are banking lot on China. Mean they are depending on some one who is weakening inside and soon it this will be confirm openly. Hardly anybody was believing me when I predicted for USSR disintrigate and collapse of second superpower in 1987, infect I was tell to go out office from media house in India because that time India and USSR had a great friendship.


Two years back, there was a reason for my prediction of the USA-IRAQ war. And for the last four years, I have been predicting a declining US Dollar and the rise of metal prices- There is a reason for this too.


Last week I stated on stock market – ‘THE BEAR TREND IS FINALLY ENTERING WALL STREET (DOW JONES) AND ALL BLUE-CHIP STOCKS WILL SHOW WEAKNESS. MONDAY’S LAST HOUR TRADING SESSION OR TUESDAY COULD BE THE DAY and bears will make the complete unbreakable circle by 21st September. Finally, the rising history of the DOW will end on 21 September. Indeed, we will not see the current index in the next 7 years’. Needless to say, there is also a reason behind this.


Each and every event on earth shapes the way the future unfolds. An analysis of the points above by any intelligent person will naturally lead to the question: is the USA collapsing economically and socially or falling from the position of super power? If they want to retain position than they should take control on deficit, oil and gold (this I have been saying since last 3 years). Only gold rise can save USA if they keep high deposit of GOLD or they can use this in future against deficit.


I am just trying to portray the future as I discern it and it is entirely upon you to either regard it seriously or dismiss it. I have stopped my book halfway and it might have all the reasons mentioned above when it is finally released at the end of Jan 2005.


There are times when I wonder why I am so much engrossed and concerned with the well being of this beautiful planet and doubt whether to just let go and enjoy my life; but there is probably a good reason behind this too.


Let me state once again that I not against any religion, country group or individual. I am just predicting what I see. I hope and pray that my prediction on USA and China collapsing come wrong.


On very rare occasion I have came wrong since I started predicting from age 14 world event and from age 19 on world financial market. Today I am happy for my methodology (or you can call astrology, prophecy, vision or wisdom) because it has given me reorganization in world financial market. Today my newsletter members are key world well known investor's,  ceo of many companies, banks, fund and financial institutions. I try to give right path or inside in well advance to all my members.


Here is this week’s trend - Predictions for 27 Sep to 1 Oct on Gold, silver, palladium, platinum, copper, currencies, stock market, oil, coffee and different commodities (members can log in or you can subscribe my weekly newsletter on website).


Tuesday or Wednesday of this week does not portend good for the world. Some kind of natural disaster could befall us, though my vision is not clear concerning where it will occur and of exactly what nature it will be. Let us therefore be mindful and pray that the week may smoothly pass.


Thanks & God Bless