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FLASH NEWS - This week newsletter again for free and gold $448 in..

Dear Members,

It has been very interesting for me and my work to foretell the short term conduct of the unpredictable world financial market. Many high net worth individual investors, traders, banks and other institutions have started embracing my unique methodology and adopting my short term advice through the newsletter. In the last eight years, my advice on the long term outlook for the world financial market has resulted in handsome gains for my clients. I am likewise certain that by the end of 2004, your balance-sheet will display an encouraging performance.


I wish you all the best of luck.


Here is the alert news:


Metals performed weakly in the last 48 hours as predicted but it is now time to BUY. Do not short gold around this price of $404. You are all aware that I never alter my predictions and as I have already stated in last week’s newsletter, GOLD HAS SAID BYE-BYE to the $400 MARK.  THERE IS NO EXTERNAL POWER ON EARTH OR THE UNIVERSE THAT CAN BRING DOWN THE GOLD AND SILVER PRICES. DESTINY HAS BEEN WRITTEN AND I AM JUST PREDICTING IT AS IT IS. Gold is now poised to touch $448 before the last week of September, I am not challenging but simply predicting I what I see.




Thanks & God Bless,

Mahendra 24 August



Dear Friends,

Once again I am happy to publish my newsletter for this week on website and please don't expect in future for free every week, better you subscribe. After reading this week newsletter, invetor's will come to know the why I charge $210 for my newletter for three months. Tomorrow I will announce that in how many days gold will going to hit $448. Looks exciting, so wait for alert news in next 14 hours. 24 August


Dear Members,

Today I would like to share some good news as I have already started writing the 5th edition of the “2005 World and Financial Prophecies”. I expect to release it around the middle of December as usual or in the first week of 2005.


So far, major predictions on the market (“calls” in financial language terms) have closely matched the trends.


I can state that after 20 years, I have finally found the path in regard to very short term predictions and will therefore be able to better guide my members on short term positions. I am one thousand percent sure that astrology has a vital role to play in guiding investors onto the right path. It has always been a matter of concern to me because I feel that investors have been misguided by manipulators and newsmakers. Since most banks, large funds and financial institutions make their money in the market, it is sound to conclude that someone is losing. The common investor or small funds prominently features in this losing list. If big bank come in problem, government or Federal reserve will come forward and save immediately but who care about small investor's (Govt won't come forward and say that don't worry we will take care of your family). There is also problem in human nature because it accept negative energy very quickly. Let me focus on my work and here I just want to recap on USA:


If you read the USA section in my 2004 World & Financial Prophecies (Page 72): It says:


The economy data will continuous show strong recovering in USA during first quarter of 2004 and but before the mid 2004 trade deficit will spoil the whole scenario for investors. First time I will strongly warn investors to play safely in market because USA stock market index can go rock bottom.

In the early chapters I mentioned that the economy would face a major blow. Towards the end of 2004 inflation and unemployment will also rise.


In the stock markets, investors should book profits when they gain by 10% to 15%. For the first quarter few technology companies will rise but they will also follow the downward market trend. In 2002, many people did not believe that the technology sector would rise again but I clearly stated as follows:


…the question everybody is asking; ‘will technology survive even at this level and will there be any slight hopes of recovery?’ I would say that yes, the whole of the year 2003, technology and telecommunication stocks will do better compared to other sectors

2003 World Prophecies, page 36.


I went further to say that:


I still believe that companies with initials ‘A’ ‘I’ and ‘M’ e.g. Microsoft, IBM and Amazon will do extremely well and will reciprocate by 15 to 20 percent. Another company whose future seems bright is NASDAQ in 2003.


The US Dollar will remain weak throughout the year though there will be a few price fluctuations. The Dollar will remain weak until 2007 and I recommend that investors hold their money in gold or other currencies (For more detail predictions, please refer to the financial section in this book).


In all my books I have mentioned that if the USA wants to maintain its economic supremacy, then it should control oil and gold. The United States has attempted to gain control of oil resources through the conflict with Iraq. However, just by looking at the way oil prices are moving, anyone can see that all is not well. I would like to give some tips to USA investors about the prime sectors for investment in the year 2004. Firstly, the mining sector will dominate in terms of percentage gain, while power etc…


USA is a super power house and its major events have an impact on the rest of the world. For one year or two, the impact is negatively reflected in other parts of the world when the USA economy or stock market drastically goes down.







Last week’s performance of gold was in harmony with the wave of Jupiter, something that I have been expecting for a while. The second important thing that happened is that gold and silver prices went up on the third Friday. Both occurrences are very encouraging signs for future trend in metals as I saw last year when I was writing my book.


Last week I made two important statements in my newsletter:



I went further to assert that:

During this week from Monday evening before closing or Tuesday gold will say bye-bye to $400 for the next few years. I think that this is great and exciting news for gold investors. I also have very good news for gold stocks as I see the current prices for metal stocks being history.


During this week I see gold prices being upbeat and moving upwards except for a slight leaning towards the directionless zone on Tuesday. Those who do not want to stay in the uncertain situation on Monday or Tuesday should get out and get back into buying positions on Wednesday. I shall give an update of this on Wednesday. As I said last week, time is saying bye-bye to the $400 mark and there is therefore no need to remind you again.


Any minor down ward movement should be taken as a buying opportunity. Gold stocks performed well during the last week and they will give the best returns in the next few years. One should therefore think hard and long before selling metal stocks. Same I saw for technology stocks in 1996.



My favourite commodity for 2004 is performing well. Monday and Tuesday may remain volatile or a bit on the downside but from Thursday it will have a great rise so don't miss this buying opportunity.



We are just a few days from a great rise of Palladium. Those who have not bought it should put some money in it. Platinum will remain stable during this week.



Whole weak copper prices will remain stable but from this Thursday evening or Friday copper prices will have a great run and reach a new high in a few weeks.



This is second on my 2004 investment list and has performed extremely well, surprising both the investor community as well as economists. The first predicted target of $50 was almost attained last week but I now expect prices to remain on a down ward trend from this level. My advice is therefore that you get out from its buying position. I shall give the buying signal soon after this down ward trend, which will be around 10%.



Markets are floating in the worst cycle that will soon give way to a major crash signal. Just as I recommended last week for short term buying, I hold the same for this week. However, always book profit on each rise because I will soon issue an alert on when to short/sell.



The movement of the Japanese Yen last Friday as per my newsletter prediction surprised everybody. The Yen is placed third on my list and it will remain strong from Tuesday. All other currencies will have mixed results except the Swiss Franc. The South African Rand is on the way to crossing the 7 mark against Dollar.



Coffee: Wednesday is a very important day for coffee and you should therefore wait for update on coffee.

Cotton: Last week because of Moon I made a good call on cotton. It gained 12% and I recommend that you hold your position.

Corn/Wheat: Buy at this level and sell at 5% gain. I see a strong performance from corn and wheat.

Soybean: I see high volatility on both sides in soybean prices during this week. I recommend that you remain away from it.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra 22 August