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Today's Trade & News


Dear Members,
Few of my members have asked me on future move of Palladium because it has been moving down.
Here is my view - I am expecting it to move up very strongly from Friday and once again I am confirming it reaching $370 soon. My outlook for next year is also very positive. Last year, I recommended at $180 and we all know that in March this year it reached $340. Prices of palladium should turn around in the next 72 hours.
Grain should be in your buying list.
Metals looks very positive from here. I am ignoring all negative noise from expert because I see they (gold/silver) performing strongly so no need to waste my important time to listen wasteful commentary (FROM EXPERTS!!!!).
Natural gas look positive as I mentioned in my newsletter.
Avoid trading in currencies, dollar may fall quite fast now to new low before it start gain in near future.
Stock Market - My final date on collapse of stock market is in next week on 21 December. I know many must be very disappointed with my stock market prediction. During the first quarter of 2004 I recommended get out from buying position when Dow was at 10721, after that It went down and came back twice. In Jan 2000 many of my followers got very unhappy with me (though I advised them to buy tech stocks 1996) because market was rising continuously in the months of Jan and Feb 2000 and I recommended to get out from Technology stocks in December 1999, finally it happen in the month of March 2000, since then they have been saying that I saved them from big disaster. I am not trying to convince on my market prediction because since last 12 years I never came wrong on this and I know this time also I will be right. Timing wise I was off by three months in 2000 so let see this falls is coming from 21 December or not.
TRADE WITH FAITH AND CONFIDENCE BUT TRADE CAREFULLY (trade with small money on my recommended area and I am sure you will have great return in the next 6 months) AS I WARN THAT "HIDDEN AND INVISIBLE TIME HAS ALREADY ENTERED FOR THE NEXT 39 MONTHS OF UNPREDICTABLE PERIOD."
Best recommendation for the next six months -
Buying side - Today's rate - SILVER (6.72), PALLADIUM(186), CORN(206), SOYBEAN(540), COFFEE(94) AND COTTON(42)
Selling side - STOCK MARKET (10700)
Avoid - Currencies and oil for time being. Soon I will starting guiding on these because currently they are moving in "no zone."
Mahendra 14 Dec 16.17 Santa Barbara
Mahendra 14 Dec 16.17 Santa Barbara
NOTE - In few weeks I am increasing my newsletter price up to 500%. 
Dear Friends,
Today, I am going against my rules and putting here this week newsletter on Sunday because on Sunday I send only to my members but in this uncertain period I want to remain with everybody to guide and give right path. I know my this week newsletter may help many investor's to make decision. Please don't expect next week newsletter again here in adavance.
Thanks & God Bless..Mahendra
Dear Members,

The movement of silver prices in the last week have significantly shaken up silver investors. Indeed, EVEN I never thought that silver would plummet the way it did. I had however felt the onset of some kind of negativity in metals and that is why I recommended partly booking profits in metals. But frankly, I must admit that I never saw this kind of downward trend in silver. 


Today I would like to share with you an important and personal issue concerning silver. On the 14th of October I sent an ‘alert news’ to all my members in which I mentioned a downward trend in silver for three days in the month of December (FALL LAST WEEK FOR THREE DAYS). I also said that it would then bounce back on the fourth day (WHICH IS ON MONDAY ON 13 DECEMBER) and slowly inch towards attaining historic high prices in the couple of years.


"I would like to reiterate that this is what I saw and it is not just a simple prediction or alert. Since Thursday, I have dedicated all my effort and energy to analysing the 14th October alert news. Indeed, I hardly slept on Thursday and Friday because the silver prediction was so much in my mind and I was trying to recollect my memory of 14th October. I know that this prediction will come to pass and when that happens, many of my members are going to make a fortune. Meanwhile, I would like to receive your views and opinions concerning the 14th October alert because I am still not able to analyse it 100 percent, why I said that down and up move. If this week silver bounce back strongly than it's future move will be very clear, so may be we can wait and see this week movement of silver and I am sure which will unfold the future hidden move of SILVER."


Some of you will be surprised that I have started this week’s newsletter with silver as I normally begin with gold. However, I feel that the coming 24 months will be for silver and the world investor community will be astonished at the strong performance of silver prices. If today you were to ask me why it will go up or who will take it up, I wouldn’t know the answer. However, I am sure of one thing: silver is going to attain historic highs.


You should ensure that you trade cautiously, careful not to be too greedy to buy a large quantity as you may be hurt if prices suddenly drop. I want you to remain in the silver market for at least the next 24 months.


We shall soon talk more about this.


Here are this week’s predictions from 13 December to 17 December




Prices of gold have come down to $437, and I can’t say that I am surprised since it was not unexpected. Everybody looks at this stage with grave concern and trepidation. Uncertainty is rife all over as to the best thing to do, whether to hold, to buy or to sell. This is because many experts are giving very bleak signals at this stage. When gold was nicely moving up, talk abounded of its going towards $500 or even more. But just see what a three day downtrend has done- people have suddenly changed their minds completely! It makes me very sad that metal investors don't have faith in what they are doing. In this case, they should not be investing gold at all! One should never expect something to be upbeat and on the rise everyday. One should just flow along with the wave of nature.


I personally have great faith in nature and have always ignored the crowd and the most experts. That is why I am predicting that in the next three weeks, gold will go towards $478 to $492. I am neither saying ‘if’, nor do I have any “buts’ in regard to this. I am very clear on what I am saying and my advice is - GO AHEAD AND BUY GOLD AT $433. Even as I sit here, am ready and more than willing to tackle any challenge to the contrary.


This week’s low for gold could be $431.40 while on the high side it could reach $452. Just flow along and trade with the wave of because now the currency fear is completely gone from my mind. The performance of the US dollar and the EURO will be immaterial to the performance of gold. Their gain or fall will have no bearing or impact onto gold BECAUSE GOLD WILL MOVE UP ON ITS OWN POWER.


Last week, nobody would have thought that the metal stocks would perform well. Against all odds, this is exactly what happened. Silver remained weak while silver stocks did well. Many of my followers have bought metal stocks in the last 5 days on my recommendation. I still recommend that one buys metal stocks before they start going up too much.


NOTE - It will be very interesting to watch my astrological newsletter verses all technical people and expert of this market because most of them are very uncertain on gold and silver move from here, hardly anybody is recommending to buy metal and metal stocks except me at this level.



I have talked a lot about silver and it is now time to justify it. As I discern it, the rise of silver should commence from Monday and cross $7 before the close of New York trading on the same day. This week’s low could be $6.48 and on the high side, it could go up to $7.22 to $7.42. During this week, silver stocks will demonstrate the best performance. By end of the year it should trade above $8.00. According to calculations of the planetary combinations, CDE looks good.



My date is finally falling due during this week and I see Palladium prices rising more than 9% during the week. My favourite stocks are PAL and SWC.



Please don't short copper. Buy and keep it for the next 10 days as it may yield a profit of more than 5%.



You should not block money during this week in platinum. Instead, you can put that money in copper, silver, gold or Palladium. Platinum stocks will perform extremely well but long term investor's can hold.



Avoid trading in currencies, though I know that the dollar will fall quite fast towards a new low but as I indicated last week, a time is soon coming when the dollar will gain for a short period. You can buy metals against the US Dollar. The Euro, Pound, Yen and Swiss Franc could strongly gain on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but don't take too much risk in currencies because they are now out from grip of the nature. 


I do not recommend trading in currencies but those who want can still do it on condition that they don’t keep position for a long period; they could sell a day after buying.



There is no new prediction concerning the market. All major world indices will going to remain down for next two to four years.



I feel proud about astrology because oil is 100% in the grip of nature. It was a great call to buy at $32 when I told everybody to hold up to $55 - $60. In the last week of OCT I recommended selling when it was $53 and soon again, I shall recommend that you buy. Wait for the price to reach $38 or it will rise strongly on Tuesday. GAS (natural) looks very interesting and one can therefore buy at $6.80 and sell at a big gain on Friday.



This favourite is doing quite well and 100 percent in the grip of nature and I can see it going up to $124 by the end of the year. During this week, it will finally cross and trade above the $100 mark.



Cotton is very near its turn around and one can therefore start adding it to his portfolio.



All grains look quite promising as from 15 December. One must start adding CORN to his portfolio. Indeed, corn is fast becoming my favourite for long term investment. Prospects for soybean and wheat also look bright.


I am still trying to understand my alert of 14 October because its looks as though my vision, astrology or prophecy were trying to say some thing and I just put it down too quickly on that day. As I try to unravel this, let me just say that A LOT IS HIDDEN IN THERE FOR SILVER. Options and future trade are very risky but try to accumulate small quantity at level.


After last week down ward trend, many of my member's have sent me expert's view on the future trend of metals. I reviewed them and they all are taking about "rise of metal is over", "get out from metals", "strong dollar is starting" and few those who recommended gold to sell around $415 now they coming ahead and saying "see this what we said and warned you". I am young boy and don't have that great experience of market but I fee that 99% metal experts and market advisor's are immature because they never try to see long term trend. They just jump or change their view time to time according to current trend (so sad because people start following them and they miss best opportunity). I will let you know when to get out 100% from metals but I don't see this happening in near future.


Three important points are here:

1. In the worst case - metals can remain weak till 18 December but from current level I don't see much down side.

2. What I have been predicting on disconnection of gold and all major currencies will going to happen in the next two weeks.

3. Silver will remain most talkative issue for the next two years in wall-street, China, Chicago Board, Japan, India to Australia. May some time gold will feel jealous with popularity of silver.


I am not concern at all on rate hike quarter, half or nil. Gold will move ahead with its own power. Somebody stated on CNN today that Greenspan always try to speak in Nostradamus languages but according to me Nostradamus was knowing every thing but unfortunately Greenspan don't know any thing.


Please trade carefully, don't put all your bet at same time and in big way.


Thanks & GOD Bless