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Gold is adopting most dangerous astro cycle...Base metals are falling as predicted and market you know what to do as mentioned last week...

Dear Update news sections Members,

Small alert for you on gold as it is adopting most danegerous cycle as predicted...

Here is what we stated yesterday Daily flashnews for Gold so please act accordingly. It looks like that gold is heading for multi year lows so built up put options any time this week on any rise, hold positions in DUST.

Here are the trading strategies and ranges for Tuesday:  


On Monday gold and silver didn’t moved up which is not good news at all for gold. On other hand base metals are collapsing hard as predicted, don’t even think to touch base metals at this stage as more fall is pending in base metals. Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Palladium, Lead and Aluminum will fall further another 5 top 7% minimum.

DUST moved higher, stay long in DUST stay short in base metals. Stay away from precious metals as it is clear gold is getting ready for new low of 2018. Watch next level $1238 and silver $15.41 in the coming comes.

Tuesday mix trading pattern will continue but higher side selling is recommended, once gold break $1262 level then sharp fall will occur so I recommend gold lover to remain away from Any buying in gold and silver. Hold short positions in base metals. 

Last week gold held value of $1262, which is what we predicted for this year. This is the most important support level for gold so stay alert. If gold closes below this level then it will be a very negative sign.

This is very important we mentioned yesterday: If gold and silver closes negative on Monday, that will be the worst news.  This is the final positive week for precious metals after that uncertainty will dominate metals and metal stocks.

This is what we stated on the last week Tuesday: Monday metals traded as predicted. On Tuesday we are recommending selling precious and base metals on higher sides. Tuesday will remain mix to positive day for precious and base metals but from Wednesday precious and base metals will fall that’s the reason we are recommending selling on higher side of Tuesday due to negative astro combinations forming from Wednesday.

It looks like gold won’t able to move above $1298, silver $16.73 level and copper $315.00, and on lower side lot is coming from Wednesday.

It looks like that gold is heading for $1209 level in the next five to six weeks. Put options will provide nice returns as well.

Sell more copper, palladium and Zinc.

Important note – I am very nervous about metal’s trend and that’s the reason I have been recommending staying away from any buying in precious metals since 2 May 2018. We recommended closing all long in gold around $1357 and started selling on every positive move. We expect it to stabilize around $1305 level and predicted gold closing below $1305 could bring disaster and prices could fall to $1262 level. Still the negative astro time cycle hasn’t ended so it could keep moving down and that’s the reason we are asking you to stay away from any buying or trying to find any bottom.

We also predicted last week that worst astro cycle is starting for base metals from 11th June, and that has proven so accurate, so another 10% fall in base metals could be discounted.

This is what we stated last week: From 7th May 2018, crucial astro cycle is starting for gold and you need to be remain very alert because trading negative could push gold toward $1262 level. Silver and platinum will follow gold.

Base metals traded as predicted during this week, on Friday most of base metals will trade in the mix pattern. Get ready to sell Copper, Zinc, Lead, Palladium, Nickel on 5 June 2018. In the next two and half months 20% or more correction is on the way in the base metals. 

On the lower side gold will hold $1305, $1298 to $1264 in 2018, closing below $1262 would open the door to collapsed toward new multiyear low. On higher side I am raising my target for gold to $1509 if gold closes above $1364 for the three to five days which looks very difficult, so it is getting clear that $1364 is most crucial level for gold on higher side.

Tuesday’s astro combination recommendation – Monday gold and silver closing negative confirms that major weakness is on the way. Hold you short positions in base metals very tightly.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma