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Here is this weeks weekly newsletter from 8-12 April...we predicted something big may happen around 14 what we said for gold, silver, oil, coffee and markets...

Dear Members,

This is what we mentioned in this week's weekly newsletter. Our view on something big happening on 14 April may come true. Gold, silver, oil, and coffee are moving sharply higher as predicted.

Here is the first section of the weekly newsletter:

Weekly Newsletter from 8-12 April

Some uncertainty in the next two weeks, but our favorite stocks shall be on your buying list…


Dear Members,

Last week precious metals performed very well. Gold and silver traded as predicted and still have the power to move higher. The job report was not able to damage the market trend, they moved sharply higher from the lower side and closed at the top on Friday. We are in a supportive Astro cycle for the precious metals at this stage so keep a close watch and we are not recommending any shorts.

Last week the stock market traded volatile. On Tuesday and Thursday, the market closed sharply lower which is bad news for the short term, but on Friday the market closed in the green which is supportive news. This indicates that the market will trade in a volatile trend. 

This week Solar eclipse and Inflation data may bring some volatility later in this week, but we are not that worried at this stage as the frontline tech stocks trend is supported by Jupiter and it is in a perfectly beautiful moon cycle so let Airavath enjoy its upward journey. Yes, there is some uncertainty around the 14th of April, so this Friday traders should remain cautions for at least one week.

This week's solar eclipse of Monday will be bringing a shadow over North America which means some power and positive energy will be taken away by this solar eclipse. It is a total eclipse in the house of Pisces which may bring some uncertain news before the Sun gets out from Pisces which means something big may happen around the 14th of April 2024. The half cycle of the new Moon will be 15 days, so during the next 15 days we may witness some uncertainty in the market and commodities may go higher. If this week Thursday, Friday and next week Monday passes smoothly then market can once again move nonstop higher until first week of May 2024.

This solar eclipse is not favorable for the markets, but it is very favorable for precious metals so trade accordingly. Expect some volatility in the market for the next two weeks. We are expecting the market to adopt a very bullish trend from the 21st of April onwards, so keep this date in mind, no major aggressive long- or short-term bets are recommended. Only short-term short bets are recommended between this Friday to next week Thursday to hedge your long positions.

Our book also predicted natural disasters and that could be responsible for bringing uncertainty in the financial markets, especially markets like India for the short term. Our book point to earthquakes and we witnessed two last week, one in Taiwan and a second one in New York/New Jersey. 

The solar eclipse may create major geopolitical tensions or major attacks on a few countries so plan your trading carefully, our astro cycles advise that investors who are holding long positions should take some hedging trades.

Mars and Venus will be changing houses in the Third week of March and Jupiter will be moving out in the first week of May. These are key transits for the market and may have an impact on the behavioral patterns of the masses and key people or key companies who influence the market trends.

At this stage Gold, Silver, Cocoa, and Coffee are in an aggressive mood, and prices can move even higher but Cocoa is very close to an extreme wave cycle, so we are not recommending any major longs in Cocoa.

Also, energy markets are close to the top, but oil can hold value over the next two weeks.

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Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma