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Today's Trade & News

Wednesday's, FRIDAY'S and Tuesday's update...Tv interview on metals, dollar index and oil....

Dear Members,

Metals recovered on Tuesday before closing and had a sharp u-turn, but gold is still not trading above $584.80, and that is not a good sign. One should therefore not buy, till it trades above $584.80, BUY above $584.80 with stop-loss.

Silver is also trading weakly or sideway and should trade on the side for a while longer. Selling is recommended on higher side. $11.88 is an important figure for silver, and one can buy if it trades above $11.88 for two days.

All side metals (Platinum/palladium/copper/zinc/aluminum) are going down everyday and they should continue to move downwards. Copper is near to having a major downturn.  We must thinks to astrology as we have done great in metals, stock market, oil, grains and currencies. We achieved over hundred percent return in the last fifty days and hope to do same if planets support same way. 

The stock market will trade towards a new high therefore don't short for a few days. However, I recommend selling a part of oneís holding before Friday, as next week it should trade weakly. 

Coffee is trading higher and should to do so, but remember that a major bull market will only start after $110.80. We shall therefore wait and add more buying position if it trades above $110.80 for more than forty-eight hours. 

Treasury bonds will trade weakly for the rest of the week, therefore get out from buying position. 

Corn and Soybean are trading towards highs and wheat is also moving up. If you are still holding, then book profit today as tomorrow is Thursday and I see little chances of their going up. I see a sharp correction in grains starting on any time on Wednesday. If shorting, then one should short with strict stop-loss or to reduce risk in the volatile market, you can buy next yearís put.  

OIL traded positively yesterday and should trade sideway for this week. This week is a mixed one and the planets donít give a clear direction. I won't therefore trade, and will instead look for a price around $54.80, after which I will add some contract in buying. Higher side sell. 

Currencies are trading sideway and the dollar index is resting with the FOMC meeting. We should hold our buying position ahead of the meeting without any fear, since the dollar should move towards recent highs. The Pound and side currencies should trade weakly, while the Yen may try to gain. 

This below paragraph is not a part of update as I just added this one -

 Dear Friends,

Received many emails asking that I haven't put update on website?

My answer is - I am not putting updates everyday on my website as it is a paid services (part of newsletter) so please don't ask every day for free reports. My newsletter services cost same as what you spend for a coffee in a day. Even one small trade can make you enough to pay for yearly subscription, like today I recommended selling grains.

Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra, Wednesday 6.30AM New York.

Dear Members,
For the last two months I have been mentioning one very important thing which is the month of October and its impact on future coming time on world financial market.
Almost three weeks are over and ten days are pending but I am not in hurry to make any kind of decision to give you confirm outlook of all different markets (commodities, currencies and stock market) as I will still love to see pending ten days.
I know some time's it is frustrating for my members because they want to hear for final predictions especially on metals which I have been prolonging. Each and every one knows that my long term view on metals is very bullish but I am still waiting to see convincing move with planets. Thursday only gold and silver moved up, not side metals as predicted. Friday all side metals should move down with silver. It will fighting day as looks like gold is in fighting mood and lets hope it win but yet I am still not convinced as planets are saying wait and watch so no hurry. Tomorrow is Friday and I will still recommend you to wait so sell on higher side and cover back by end of day.
Coffee is trying is best but not moving up so we will hold partly position until mercury give result and that should be from next week Tuesday.
Lumber and sugar they are trading weak and they should remain side ways for a few more weeks. Cotton will gain tomorrow.
Treasury bonds are trading weak and they should remain weak for some more time.
OIL moved up yesterday and may be technically it tried to recover after falling since the last few months but still rising is not convincing me as planets are not in support and I don't see much going higher so avoid taking any big position, in fact I will sell.
Grains are trading side ways and I don't recommend short position. We will avoid grains now as it has made great returns recently on grains and we should be satisfied.
Currencies - Today Dollar had a sharp fall and we except one day defeat but remember December dollar index will move up sharply from $86 or we won't see $86 again for a few years. Friday 10.15 AM New York time dollar should start moving up. 
Next week newsletter will be very interesting one as we are approaching toward final week of October.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Thursday 9.38pm Santa Barbara
Dear Members,
On Monday metals traded as expected but are a bit weak today, and I donít understand why. Nevertheless, they should move up bit during the middle of the day BUT if they close weak (which might happen), then the weakness will still remain and I won't recommend to buy any position.
Side metals should remain weak or they should fall sharply.
In the stock market, the S&P and Dow should trade sideway or weak in the next twenty four hours but we may see recovery in the last one hour or tomorrow.
Grains are in a fire mood and they should open higher and trade positively, but time has come when you can book profit today in wheat, WHICH I AM DOING NOW BUT ON OTHER HAND HOLD AND ADDING SOY AND SOY'S FAMILY. Wheat I may get out from most of my position and corn I will sell partly at higher side in first hour of trading.
Oil should open higher but it could sharply move down today, so be careful. Don't buy oil or Unleaded gas, for we may sell at higher levels.
The dollar is trading sideway: what a great opportunity to buy. Could tomorrow be the "Tsunami wave" day for the dollar? Sell side currencies like I mentioned in the Newsletter -"Australian and Canadian dollar", as well as the Euro and Franc. Sell the Pound on todayís closing.
Today, we had the five millionth hit on our website.
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra 6.30AM New York
Dear Friends,
Here I would like to put my interview of 29 August 2005 by Markus "Wall street correspondence" for Ntv Germany. Let is buffer half way and than play so you can here and see very clearly.
Day of interview gold was at $432 and silver was trading around $6.95. Predicted gold reaching $1000 and silver $20.
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra