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Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday's predictions on oil, metals, grains, sugar, cotton, stock market and British pound...

Dear Members,
Lately market has been trading as we predicted. You can cover part of short position of commodities at current prices, as it may gain from lower-level and tomorrow morning bit positive. We will sell again more position but wait for my selling indications.
Dollar to remain strong so don't get put out from dollar position, and one must hold core position for long term. Tomorrow morning bit negative but later in day it will gain sharply against all currencies.
Hold position in USA stock market as soon it will enter in long term bull market.
Today, Oil and metals may regain from low.
Cover position in grains for short term so short-term buying.
Final note: Commodities is in bear market and it will remain in bear trend for the next three weeks before it bottom out. Today's buying recommendation is only for short term.
Wait for Thursday update.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Wednesday, 7.30 PM India
On Monday most of our predictions were fulfilled. For Tuesday we mentioned:
We predicted in the weekly newsletter that there would be sharp correction in metals and oil. Our target was $118 for oil. We expected gold to come down to $891 and silver $16.61. At this stage oil and metals have fulfilled the predicted lower prices.
We predicted rise in USA stock more than two percent and at this stage dow is up more than one percent.
Soft commodities to trade side ways.
Grains prices will move down and will touch another low.
Dollar has been done well on Tuesday as predicted. We expected Euro to come near to 1.5380 and at this stage euro is down more than 120 pips at 1.5430. We also expected sharp corrections in Australian Dollar and it did happen.
We mentioned in our this week newsletter that Japanese Yen to gain against all currencies and it is doing well at this stage.
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra, Tuesday 9.00PM Mumbai


“Time has come for area specific investment”


Newsletter services is paid, so I won't able to put this week trend here but I would like to put here what I predicted in this weeks newsletter on daily basis. I will update everyday after market close.


Monday's Predictions:


Monday we predicted sharp corrections European trading sessions in GOLD, SILVER, OIL, COPPER, COCOA, CORN, SOYBEAN, SOY OIL, COTTON, COFFEE, SUGAR. They all are trading weak. 


In currency we predicted sideways trend in Euro but sharp fall in British Pound and that is what is happening. 


Sideways trend in stock market on Monday.


What we are saying about Tuesday will put by 9.00pm on Tuesday.


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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Monday 9.00PM India