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Today's Trade & News

Wednesday and Tuesday's update are here and power of planets..and small note from this week letter..

Dear Members

I advise you must remain alert on the commodities and specially in oil and metals sector as they are in a negative Astro-cycle. Many times my bearish comments must be disturbing to those who are want metals to rise every day but I may just be predicting the trend. I must warn again even at this point as metals look negative and no new buying is recommended even though prices have fallen substantially.  Silver should come down to $12.55 AND gold $654.80 than we may buy if these levels donít break. Avoid metals and metal stocks. Copper and platinum have also come down and they should remain weak for another six days.


Oil dropped sharply and recovered some of itís loses during closing. One can buy a small quantity of oil. Cover all short position in oil at this point. Long term oil is in bear cycle.


COFFEE and cotton dominated the trading floor and why not when Mercury is in full support. We recommended buying coffee and cotton on Wednesday and yes today they outperform all other commodities. In last three days cotton moved up around six percent. Hold the position.


Instant of last Friday weak trend came in last Thursday and let see this Friday can be BLACK FRIDAY FOR ALL MAJOR WORLD STOCK MARKETS. European market remained sideways or mix BUT USA STOCK MARKET went up sharply and our strategy of hedging paying nicely and it should pay great amount of return in coming days. Bear is already on the floor of European markets but it is invisible so beware a sharp fall in all European and Asian market will happen any time this week or next week. Friday we shall get out from half of the position of hedging of USA market for some time.


Soy product went up, wheat remained weak and corn traded sideways. Soy oil is ruled by Saturn and from tomorrow negative period is staring so sell Soy oil and buy Soy/Soy meal half position against what you selling soy oil (This will be another great hedging). Avoid any new positions in corn and wheat as they are in weak market.  


Currencies acted as predicted. Yes, this is what we have waited for and planetary indications are very powerful. Dollar is gaining momentum and this rising trend to remain continuously. Short term trader can book profit when dollar index reaches $82.90. Buy Yen against all currencies and sell other currencies except US DOLLAR.


Final summery

One can go short in all European markets and hedge the position by buying US MARKET and alternative energy stocks. DSTI, QTWW, SPIR, MKTY, PLUG, BLDP, FCEL. KYO, FSLR, TSL, WFR, SPWR, SPT.


Remain short in currencies and metals.


Thursday after 10.00 AM New York time dollar will start gaining again and it may touch the three months high. 


NOTE: Don't get emotionally involved with any trade like metals investors love metals but if time is negative you should avoid as it will save money. 


My feeling - Many times I go off track and my predictions come wrong but now I feel that I am in a good rhythm of reading planetary movement so follow my predictions closely.


Request note - Please donít forward updates or newsletter to non-subscriber as daily cost is like buying a coffee and those who trade in market can afford this cost easily.


Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra, 07.05PM Wednesday, Santa Barbara

Dear Members,
At this time Dow is trading at 13430 and S&P 1512.
In Europe DEX JUNE at 4407, MCT 5977, DAX 7542 and LFT 6581. I am recommending to buy puts and sell calls of next months and target minimum five percent fall with in five trading session. Sell also future market in all these indexes. A SHARP CORRECTION WILL COME FROM TOMORROW BUT DOWN WARD TREND ALSO CAN'T BE RULED OUT AFTER ONE HOUR. Hedge the position by buying USA market or alternative energy stocks.Negative planetary movement will start after on hour for markets.
Metals trading sideways and no buying recommended as they are in weak astro cycle.
A powerful rising wave of wave dollar is starting from today mid night and this week dollar should touch 0.8290. It is a great opportunity to sell all currencies.
Trade oil as predicted in newsletter.
Buy coffee and cotton tomorrow.
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra, TUESDAY 7.20 AM SANTA BARBARA
Dear Members,
Last week we saw signs of what I have been waiting to see for several months. These were the fall of the stock market, the fall of commodities as well as the rising trend of the dollar. The three signs have finally come, but I do not want to talk much about any concerns at this stage: I would like to talk about oil.

The transit of Saturn indicates that in the next three years, the demand for oil will drastically fall. Furthermore, the influence and importance of oil in running the world economy is poised to wane after one quarter cycle of Saturn, which represents seven and a half years. onceagain, some people arelikely to say that that 'Mahendra has gone crazy'. Not at all!!! Four years ago when I predicted that oil would reach $80 or $100 at a time when it was trading at $18 had a good reason. At the time, many people asserted confidently that if that were to happen, the world economy would collapse. Indeed it reached $80, and nothing untoward happened to the world economy, and we are still paying the gas prices. In future, oil will only survive if it trades in the range of $20 to $25, otherwise it will gradually kill itself with higher prices. The reason for this is that there will emerge technology to develop alternative energy sources. The scenario may appear unlikely and even scary, but I can predict without doubt that the oil market will diminish in the next 15 years time. It will be like kerosine, which was a key source of energy in the past, but which is hardly used today.

If there is any drastic negativity like a major earthquake and the shifting of the earth's tectonic plates, thus the displacement of major oil deposits, then oil prices could rise for a while. The other possibility for high prices is if there is a nuclear war. However, we shall eventually have to look for alternative energy sources. It is the same way that people seek for alternative breakfast food if bread becomes too expensive. Another example is the revolution in the telephone system: the fixed-line telephone was an important communication feature, but has in a few years been overtaken by wireless telecommunication.

Once again I very strongly recommend that your investment focus should be on alternative energy sources as opposed to gold, oil etc. I am not saying that the situation will change immediately -it will take its own time- but you shall gradually witness the power of nature in the next 30 months. It will propel the human mind towards that direction and 99 percent of people will agree with me within the next 30 months- that is how confident I am about this prediction.

Let me stop here concerning this issue, but I am sure that I have given you a unique avenue that will make you proud, happy and of course benefit you financially. Let us now talk about this weekís trend in the financial markets.

Predictions for 14 to 18 May 2007


Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra