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Wednesday all market will top-out including Grains, stocks, oil and metals and out of these there will be major fall in...


Dear Members,

Though sometimes difficult to see, thereís always a link between the geo-political situation and the market. Indeed, it can be said to rule the market; and the market also influences the geo-political system. Simply put, the market means money; and when oil was moving up daily, the president of Iran would regularly issue harsh and hard-hitting statements which supported oil prices. The same happened with President Bush and former Prime Minister Blair. However, things changed suddenly when oil lost its charm, and everybody went inexplicably quiet. I always get suspicious with every statement released by politicians because they are usually involved with money. Billions of dollars ride on their statements and central banks make a killing as a result of such releases. Similarly, when Tech was booming, analysts would give enthusiastic upgrades to the same stocks that they gave downgrades when they were at lows back in 2003. All in all, it is manipulation all around. 


In 2005 when oil was trading at almost a high, one analyst from Goldman Sachs declared that oil could reach $100 or even higher, and this put fire in oil prices in 48 hours. However, it is curious that the same person never recommended buying oil when it came down to $50. The point is that I donít trust most analysts and many writers. This is because they propagate only what is in their interest or what people would like to hear at a particular time, which is simply so sad. I could write everyday about the rise of gold and the decline of the dollar, and I would certainly get more members as a result. However, I donít want to go against my theory as well as the truth. I could have recommended buying oil at $80; gold at $700 or silver at $15 but there was no support for such a position from my theory, and therefore I recommended selling.


One thing is sure: and that is the fact that money rules in this world as everybody wants to earn more and live comfortably. If I said that money is bad, then I would be speaking hypocritically because I need it. I have to pay my bills otherwise my internet will be disconnected, my children will be thrown out of school and I will be unable to visit my Guru in India. The fact is that money is the center point and everything else comes afterwards because the world is such that everyone has to do his Karma to survive.


Writing this newsletter is within my Karmic path. Likewise, your trading or investment pursuits are in your Karmic path, while it is Ben Bernankeís job to try and keep the economy on the right track.


The world is unique and once our mind start getting attached to anything in the WORLD FINANCIAL MARKET, that could either bring disaster or make us happy,. However, most times it has proved negative in the longer term. If you are bullish about anything in the world financial market, your mind will move you to try and find reasons for supporting a bullish position. Indeed, you may even share and convince your friends about your views and put money in your preferred area. At the same time, you will also disagree with others if they donít agree with you or express bearish views on the same thing. If not careful, you will gradually begin to resent and hate the person who disagrees with you. The same happens if you see a bearish trend in the market and there are those who disagree. You may hate them and even stop reading them, which clearly shows blind affection or love. I feel that those who flow with the wave will always become very successful in the medium and longer term because too much love or hate is dangerous in the world financial market. I try to keep away from love and hate theory as far as the markets are concerned because I know it can be very dangerous.


I always try put reality first other than living in dreams and this may annoy some people. For instance if I write concerning a weak trend for metals, a few members could get upset because they donít like hearing that. If I write well about the dollar, others also get upset because they are scared that it could bring down gold prices. The point is that one should not venture out of the house without enough protection if there is a snow warning: just stay in the house with the heater running and you will be fine. This means that if you love gold and the market falls, then you should have adequate protection to hold during the down side. Leverage is key in todayís market in order to survive in the unpredictable market. The other thing is to avoid excessive attachment or resentment and you may see a difference. The market is full of opportunities, and my advice is that one should remain open minded.


Last week I said that I will put more focus on long term predictions, but it doesnít mean that I will stop writing on the short term. This is because markets are very volatile and a lot of people subscribe for my newsletter for short term and medium term recommendation. Many people are also interested with new trends, as they believe that I am very good at picking up the birth of emerging cycles.


I also mentioned that I will be putting my trades in the newsletter, tracking for every week and month and determine how much we have made or lost, therefore providing a clear track record.


This week from Wednesday I see once again market will top-out and fall in Asian market will start.


Metals and other commodities will also fall from Wednesday except coffee and cotton.


Natural gas to rise from Tuesday.


FCEL, SESI, GRSR are my favorite stocks.


Long term I am very bullish on USA and Indian stock market.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma