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We predicted Elon Musk to become the world's richest man but now he need to be very careful...Market, metals and currencies rallied as predicted...

Dear Members, 

Markets have been performing very well since 17 October as predicted. On Thursday market had one of the best days in the last two years. Metals are performing as predicted and the dollar Index lost value from 113.86 to 107.75 and the Thirty Year bond rebounded very well. We have been recommending selling USD at 113.86, with targets of 109.78 and 107.38, both these targets got achieved. Plan your trade well in markets, currencies, metals, energy, and Bond.

Our view on energy is still negative, stay away from any buying and get ready to sell at around higher side levels.

It was a great pleasure for me to predict Elon Musk becoming the richest man on the planet in 2018 when he was not even close to the top 100 people list. In 2018 we recommended investing in TESLA, I told members that I was planning to invest 1 million dollar worth of call options which I didn’t do because I didn’t want to influence my thinking by buying on my own recommendations, but if I would have taken the trade, it would have made us more than $300 million dollars. 

Now I have a bit of concern about him because he is walking off track from the main path of life. He should immediately stop wasting time on Politics and focus on Tesla and all his other companies because his luck is in business, not in politics so he should be aware of it otherwise he will change his positive luck factor into a negative one. 

This is what we mentioned about him in 2018, on the 16th of July: 

One of the Indian Billionaires who made a fortune in the Brewing business started an Airline company. At the same time, we predicted, that he made his fortune with the water element and shouldn’t be starting a business with the Air element otherwise he may lose a fortune in the air element business. Yes, he lost billions, had to run away from the country, and is now living in London, his name is Vijay Mallya.  

Another example, is the Indian billionaire “Rakesh Jhunjhunwala” who was known as Indian Warren Buffet, started the Airline business. I predicted that he shouldn’t be starting that because his luck is not there and he may not able to run or do well, and unfortunately is die within a month. I have hundreds of examples like this, people should be careful, if they are successful in one thing then they must try to keep growing in the same area rather than trying to diversify into different areas. Or one would like to diversify into different venture then they should own holding or trust companies and then can own hundreds of businesses in that. Elon Musk is very successful as an entrepreneur so shouldn’t try to play a role in politics. 

If you analyze your own life then you may be able to find out their areas of strength and weakness. After meditating in the morning please analyze your own life and you will find out what your strengths and weaknesses are, or where you are successful and where you are unsuccessful. Some are successful in investments only and unsuccessful in speculating, then you should avoid speculations. Some are successful in the industry, some are in Real Estate, art, singing, clothing, politics, and the list goes on.

I have been spending my life understanding the waves of nature. Our brain has limitless power, which we can call “Anant: never ends any level”, all ideas and thoughts are born from the brain, and those who implement these ideas can keep moving forward, and those who just think about implementing just remain there without making any changes or progress in this world and in their lives. 

Let me end this part of the letter here, I am just releasing a lithium letter with a new buying list. 2018/19 we recommended investing a big part of their money in lithium and I am sure most of you must have done amazingly well. Many of the lithium stocks in the USA and Australia are trading at all-time highs when the other sectors’ stocks are down 50%. Must subscribe to lithium letter if you can afford it:

Thanks & God Bless 

Mahendra Sharma