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Today's Trade & News

We are in right direction in stock market and commodities will face tough time ahead and US Dollar turn around

Dear Members,
Dollar is holding well and this sign is finally enough to confirm that turn around is on the way.
It is a great buying opportunity in coffee. In worst case it can go to $106.
Friday we expected gold to rise and it did but next week outlook is not that encouraging for the first three days so trade accordingly.
Orange juice move down quite sharply from $205 to $156, thanks to Moon for giving us this trade.
Thursday we expected rising trend in grains and from today we see grains moving down so trade accordingly
Oil to remain weak so trade according.
Stock market have gain strongly but Thursday weak trend in Asia and Europe have confirm that fall or sharp correction is pending that should start from Monday so Friday is a great opportunity for traders as well as position trader to take selling or short position. One thing I have been guiding to take hedge position by buying USA Market but that case is ending today. Sell USA MARKET AS ON FRIDAY DURING MIDDLE OF THE DAY OF TRADING.
Once again you can view this week newsletter:
Next week outlook is very interesting so wait for my newsletter and those who like to subcribe can visit subscribe page and pay by paypal. Daily cost is just $4.00.
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra
Dear Members,
All the commodities remained directionless on Wednesday and my astrology is saying, I must warn my members. Don't hold any big position in commodities specially energy and metals. Just wait and watch at this stage. Dollar has been trading on weaker side for the last few months but commodities weren't able to take advantage of it.
Coffee and sugar looks okay so one can accumulate in weakness.
Grains may bounce back Thursday morning but rise will remain short lives till Friday morning.
Big news from Planets is - Big fall in all major stocks markets is on the way. Wednesday USA market remained positive and it should but European stock indexes were not able to gain and finally they closed weak. More weakness in European market is on the way from Thursday and this weakness period can continue for the next five weeks so sell Asian and European markets. Alternative energy stocks (Solar and Uranium) should give handsome gains during this weak period so add them if any panic come in market. WWAT has performing well, Some small solar companies can give handsome return in coming time and those are - GRSR, DSTI, SESI, SLRE, DLSL, OEGY & SOLF, SPIR, ASTI, CISQ. Some more alternative energy stocks are QTWW, HYGS, DESC, MKTY, XSNX, PLUG, FCEL, BLDP, UQM, SATC, MCEL, IESV, ENEI, PWTC should move up in few months time. These companies should provide 100% return by end of 2007. 
I am waiting for another big move and that is fall in all currencies expect Yen, Saturn has just changed its direction and with Sun changing the house it is confirming that there is a sharp fall on the way. For all currencies (British pound, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc and Euro) SHARP CORRECTIONS FROM THURSDAY/FRIDAY AS ALL ASTROLOGICAL POINTS ARE NOW 100% NEGATIVE (NO HUMAN POWER INCLUDING BANKS, ANY POWERFUL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS WON'T ABLE TO HOLD CURRENCIES AT THIS LEVEL EXCEPT GOD).
NOTE: Subscribing a weekly newsletter with update is just like buying one coffee daily. One trade can pay you back newsletter subscription fee like this week oil, grains, metals or even stock market advise did for many of my members.
One of Newsletter member has sent a small note:
Dear Sir,
You really are a visionnary.
I am impressed as far as your predictions are concerned.
You should promote yourself to "the" ultimate GURU
The Guru of the gurus.
Wow. Keep on on your hard work.
You will be rewarded
Ah. Don't forget to increase your subscription fees.
Your sincerely
Thanks & God 
Sharma Mahendra, Wednesday 7.30PM
Dear Members,
Sharp corrections in all major stock markets is on the way from Wednesday so plan now your trade from today to sell Asian and European market. Those who want to hedge position can buy small quantity in USA market.
Side metals will remain side or weak on Wednesday. Don't buy gold and silver till my next recommendations as they can fall from current level of $690 and $14. I expect metals to trade side way or weak for the next two days and Friday it may move up. Don't hold big position in metals at this stage as weaker trend can spoil the longer term party. CAUTION WORD FOR METALS FROM HERE AS I DON'T EXPECT ANY FIRE WORK AT THIS STAGE.
Dollar is trading weak but metals are not able to take advantage of weaker dollar. If dollar rise from here than for few days or few weeks it can bring nervousness in gold market before it start walking together with dollar. Last seven days dollar has been trading in the range of $83 to $82.36 and last three seventy days it has been trading between $84.30 to $82.30.
In our newsletter we recommended selling Crude oil, RB gas at $2.1800 and Heating oil at $1.8990. They have came quite sharply and I see more weakness after small recovery.
Grains weakness will continue so each rise should be taken as a selling opportunity except wheat.
Time to buy coffee and sugar.
I don't have to speak on currencies as I been taking so now waiting for positive result AND that should be big one any time today or tomorrow.
EURO AT: 1.3612
POUND 2.0041
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra Tuesday, 10.00 PM