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Waves of nature and the astro cycle loved by analysts and fund managers. Here is the most essential part of the book I am releasing…..we are still holding our target of S&P 15000, NASDAQ 63000 and Nifty 38000...

Dear Members,

I want to open this week's vital update, sent on Tuesday. The overall trend in the market remains bullish for the medium to longer term, but short-term volatility is coming or is on the way.

There are a few things we see in the coming time:

We see a minimum of two and a maximum of three rate cuts for markets.

Volatility will increase in the market, so remain a short-term trader. AI and tech stocks will still dominate in the next five years because everything will be a mess in late 2030. We are still holding an S&P target of 12500 to 15000 and a NASDAQ of 45000 TO 63000, NIFTY 38000. 

Biotech and Chinese stocks are about to bottom out.

Financial stocks will gain value after the FED move.

Thirty-year bonds will be a great bet, and the dollar is close to achieving the top.

I won’t be surprised if a new candidate emerges in the US elections.

Gold and silver will be on our buying list once again; last month, we predicted gold would struggle to close above $2448, Silver at $32.17, and copper at $515.

Read the most important 2024 cycles we mentioned in our “2024 Financial Predictions” book. Most Wall Street analysts follow our work to predict the market trend, and I am happy for them as they are using the astro cycle and a wave of nature to achieve success.

Dear Members,

Six US tech giants—NVDA, MSFT, AAPL, AMZN, GOOGLE, and META—have surpassed the trillion-dollar market cap milestone, with ten more companies poised to join this elite club within the next 16 to 18 months.

NVDA has been our top pick and is on track to become the most valuable company globally, potentially reaching a market cap of $5 to $10 trillion. AI's impact is underestimated, and NVDA will play a pivotal role in shaping the future.

Remarkably, neither Wall Street experts nor economists foresaw the extraordinary bullish trend of the past six months. Even in 2023, they failed to recognize the tech boom and the power of AI. Instead, their focus remained on traditional economic indicators like the Fed commentary, recessions, interest rates, and global tensions while the market continued to surge.

To understand how we accurately predicted this bull market from October 2022, I encourage you to read a section of our weekly newsletter highlighting our book's insights. I don’t think anybody living on our planet predicted this way, and all thanks go to nature.

Small part from our weekly newsletter is here below and also first four cycles from our book, this book was released in the first week of January 2024 and finished writing in November 2023:

Dear Members,

I don’t think on the 1st of January 2024, anyone predicted that S&P would test 5500 and NASDAQ 20000 by June 2024, but our book has this prediction and, in fact, how the market would move each month and which stocks would gain value. I want to release the predictions for the last four cycles below mentioned in our book “2024 Financial Predictions”, and I am sure you will enjoy them this week. This week's letter will have a few new top picks, which may move 10 to 20 folds in the next 12-18 months, so read our Index sections carefully. We are in the most exciting era, but from time to time, nature and the Astro cycles will bring bumps whenever there are negative astro combinations, so handle these bumpy rides carefully and don’t get carried away. We will try our best to guide you through our weekly and daily letters. I always do my work honestly, which is why many of you supported my work, even during my difficult period in 2007 and 2016. During these two years, my accuracy was not at par, especially regarding metals and currencies.

We are proud that many well-known analysts, Wealthy individuals, and fund managers use our work to predict the future and manage funds accordingly. In 2000, many Wall Streeters mocked my work. but I kept predicting, and yes, my patience paid off. Anyway, let’s talk about the market.

MSFT, NVDA, AAPL, GOOGLE, META, and AMZN are in the trillion-dollar club, and many new ones are ready to join this club, including TSLA, TSM, LLY, AVGO, and Berkshire. NVDA’s journey from $250 million to $3.3 trillion happened in less than 15 months. I feel very fortunate that I was part of this NVDA’s journey. I am also very thankful to the Wave of Nature and the Astro cycles for guiding me so accurately over the last six months. The first four cycles of the market were so accurate that many couldn’t believe how I made these predictions in our book.

Here are the first four cycles of the market predictions. The fourth cycle will end this week, so an exciting era will start.

Here this is what we mentioned in our “2024 Financial Predictions” book:

2024 USA Market Astro Cycles

The First Cycle is from the 1st of January to the 23rd of January 2024:

This will be a mixed cycle as we are expecting the market to close right at the top in December 2023. Thus, when traders come back from their holidays in 2024, they would like to invest their money in the market on any weakness, and this cycle will provide you with that opportunity. 

We are not expecting any major corrections in the market, but any softness should be taken as a buying opportunity in the first two of January. We are not predicting a bear market during this cycle, but won’t discard a small corrections in the first week of January. This is because traders or investors will come to sell, after all, investors tend to trade with light positions. During this cycle, the earnings will start coming in, starting with financial stocks, which will start releasing their numbers. They will surprise everyone with solid profit and growth numbers which will bring some new life into financial stocks, but they will move a limited amount on the higher side. Frontline tech stocks will be moving higher, keep buying NVDA, MSFT, AMD, AMZN and GOOGL.

We already predicted that S&P and NASDAQ will have a great bullish era in the last two months of 2023, and at the time I am writing this book, S&P is trading around 4500, which is a great sign. We are hoping that the market will move aggressively higher by the end of December. S&P closing above 4681 and NASDAQ 16278 will be a great sign. In the first quarter of 2024, we don’t see the S&P going below 4601 and Nasdaq 16278. On the higher side if S&P start trading above 4800 and NASDAQ 16778 will be great sign. Investors should focus on semiconductor stocks or AI related stocks.

Any weakness during this cycle should be taken as a buying opportunity. For the first week January, the market may trade negative and volatile. Investors should start buying stocks in the first two weeks of January 2024 on any sharp weakness. Big positions should be bought in indexes around the 7th of January 2024 and keep accumulating on weakness.  


The Second Cycle is from the 24th of January to the 15th of March 2024:

This will be one of the best cycles for the market; we recommend taking aggressive long positions in stocks (especially tech stocks) as they move toward new heights. MSFT, AMZN, NVDA, AMD, and GOOGL will be trading around their all-time highs. MSFT will become the most valuable company on this planet. As mentioned, APPLE’s era will start to fade in 2025, so one should get out from Apple throughout 2024.  

MSFT and Google will walk together, so I am not recommending discarding Google from the race, but surely MSFT will be the winner in the next five to six years. 

NVDA will also have a great time; even though there is so much noise regarding AMD, INTC, and AVGO; NVDA will still be a winner for at least the next three years. AMD and ARM will have a tough time in 2025, but in 2024, they will be the winners. 

During this cycle, the S&P will cross 5000 and NASDAQ 18000. Overall, most of the sectors will perform well due to positive Astro combinations.

Buy short-term call options, future trades, and stay long in stocks as we see a one-sided upward trend during this cycle. The Bears will be bleeding, and the Bulls will be dancing on Wall Street. 

I won’t be surprised at all if MSFT moves above $400 and NVDA $623. SOXL will test multi year higher and TQQQ may move toward all-time high.


The Third Cycle is from the 16th of March 2024 to the 30th of April 2024:

This will be an amazing cycle, as even though volatility will increase between the 5th to the 21st of April. The market will still move higher under the influence of volatility. There will be a fight between the bulls and the bears, but by the end of April, we see the bulls dominating the markets trend. From mid-March to the first week of April, we see a bullish trend in the market, and the second bullish phase will be during the last ten days of April. 

I still see the market testing an all-time high during this period, so stay long in stocks and buy positions in indexes and ETFs. Short-term traders can take hedging positions or short positions in the market in the first week of April and cover shorts by or before the 19th of April. 

International stocks will start struggling during this period, but China will keep doing well as this is a supportive year for China.  


The Fourth Cycle is from the 1st of May to the 30th of June 2024

This will be the final bullish cycle of 2024, and we strongly recommend booking profit in stocks and indexes. Lighten up most of your long positions and create cash during this period. I won’t be surprised at all if the market moves to an all-time high during this cycle. We could see S&P testing 5395, and NASDAQ 20488 or above. 

Overall, I am rating this as a high-quality cycle because there will be a lot of volatility and speculation picking up, which may start giving negative signs in the future coming time.

The first interest rate cut or rate coming down will take place during this cycle, but we don’t recommend jumping in to buy stocks; one should book profit on the higher side. I will be cashing out of 70% of my positions in the market and will trade bonds, currencies, and commodities. I will also recommend taking hedging trades during this cycle. June will also bring some geopolitical uncertainty; Ukraine may have the worst period during this time, so the world should watch the situation closely as Russia rises or moves closer to dominating the war; if Russia is unable to make an aggressive impact, then from August onward, Ukraine will start dominating. Also, natural disaster is expected.


I know what we say is hard for new members to believe, but we have been writing our books since 2000, and every book has been precious. Many people don’t buy it because they feel it is expensive, but at the same time, they take risks in the market, betting thousands of Dollars but won’t invest in our services; many also ask for discounts. Our daily cost of the letter is like having coffee and pastry. People can spend money on that, but they will ask for discounts or say that my services are expensive. I am still struggling to understand human psychology.

I enjoy doing hard work and let’s see what we see happening in the coming time. Last week, the markets, commodities (metals, energy, grains, and softs), currencies, and bonds performed well as predicted. Bitcoin came to the important Astro support level of $63221.

Important Mantra: Don’t trade with emotions, don’t love or hate anything in the market as you are here to make money and protect your capital, and Astro cycles are great tools that can help you make decisions about where the new wave is coming from.

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Thanks & God Bless



Mahendra Sharma