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Dear Friends, Here this week's newsletter for you to review. Though my dollar rise prediction is off-track at this stage but we are making money in all of the other trades. Newsletter subscription fee is nothing compared to market movement and the amount of money that you trade with! There is has been a great amount of appreciation for "2008-09 World & financial prophecies and I sincerely thank of who have bought my book.  


Financial Weekly Newsletter predictions for 24 to 28 March


Dear Members,

Last week was the worst for commodities in the last 18 years and within 30 years for the CRB index. As I have often pointed out before, people usually forget that a negative wave must follow whenever there is a bull market. Such times therefore call for levelheaded reflection and decisive actions in order to avoid the pitfalls that so often ensnare unwary investors. Unfortunately, many investors carried away by the excitement of the moment and forget the basic nature of the market (Always after bear market there will be a bull market and every after bull market there will be a bear market). Just take a example of recent case of metals as in excitement there was even talk about gold going to $5000 and silver going to $100, and when any one hear this prices, a weak mind will get hypnotizes and only few who follow inner voice will remain awake. Any way many who tried to sell dream made disaster for their followers. I am not saying you do not follow them and nor I am saying that you follow me; one should read everyone comments but follow your inner voice and same time watch greed, noise and ignorance and this will help you to make prudent decision.


I am still very happy that I got out from gold at $635 in 2005 because for me I made more than 100%, when I recommended selling at that prices many were regretting when gold reached $720 but if you calculate than just you lost last 15% move and one shouldn’t be greedy. We all aware that after $720 how fast gold went to $$545. The current situation is such that if you want to buy metals, it should only be for the longer term; and you should have deep pockets to cover margin calls, otherwise do not trade as gold move down to $665, and silver $12.20.


On other hand, grains traded limit down in the last seven trading sessions while oil sharply came down during last week. The US dollar began to show some signs of resurgence and the small recovery has caused huge damage to commodities. When the dollar finally moves the way I foresee, I wonder what sentiment commodities will display.


As many will have observed, one of the basic principles of my theory is that I always recommend getting out once a projected target has been attained. It does not matter how high something rises after we have sold because it has already made us money. In each Newsletter I always try to write a few predictions which came true in the past and reason for writing this is not because I was right, because it brings awareness to me as well as to all my readers and help to choice a right path. The past predictions were buying of technology in 1996, buying metals and metal stocks, energy and energy stocks, other commodities in 2001-02 and same time selling US Dollar in 2001 recommendation made fortune for the people and I am sure buying of US DOLLAR at this stage will make lifetime fortune for every one.


Here are both the charts, one that shows mostly high leverage CRB index and the other one is dollar index. Last week a few of my clients have made tones of money by selling CRB. If you would have, shorted one contract of CRB on Monday, by Friday you were making $37000, one contract costs is $6300.



Financial predictions for 24 to 28 March



It was the greatest drop in gold prices in a week since 1990. The Fed rate cut was unable to lift prices and I still see gold lowering in the medium term. In the shorter term, any rise should be taken as a selling opportunity. Gold prices will stabilize this week but one should not buy. Nevertheless, short-term traders who wish to trade can sell gold around $951.80. Monday gold will try to stabilize and Tuesday it will move up but $941 should be taken as selling opportunity as gold is in medium term bear market and same applies for silver.


The second round of corrections will begin from next week, and this will push gold towards….


I expect silver prices…  


Meanwhile platinum, copper, Palladium, and zinc…. 

One should conclude the second round selling of metals from…



Last week Oil, RB Gas and Heating oil declined as predicted and I still expect further weakness in the energy trend from next week.  There will also be a downward trend this week from Thursday…



International markets traded weakly compared to the USA market. Investors are suffering in India, China, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and Korea as well as in other markets where many stocks are trading at historic low prices though still indexes are doing okay compare to three years ago. I can only wish that they had listened to our advice in the last quarter of 2007.


One should ignore international markets and buy in the USA as I foresee the USA index gaining momentum this week as money flows back to the US dollar. Therefore, buy the US dollar as well as dollar investments products, USA stocks and real estate markets. Furthermore, one should buy financials and technology, as they will present more than 50% annual returns in the next five years. A major bubble will occur in alternative energy, therefore buy in this sector.


This week the Dow will sharply move up from Tuesday. The rising trend will continue for the whole week, I hence recommend buying the Dow and S&P. European markets will suffer with the international market, and one need not buy in the international market thinking that the rise in the USA will support it. Consequently, higher opening in the international markets should be taken as a selling opportunity.



BUY bond on Friday…



All major soft commodities traded as predicted and I expect them to stabilize this week. Short-term traders can therefore buy coffee, cotton, and sugar but be sure to sell back by Friday. Coffee came down from $168 to $128; cotton came down to $94 to $68; and sugar from $15 to $11.50. Any market makes great amount of money if you sell at right time and hold the position for the few weeks because from top all markets always come down sharply, not gradually. 


Lumber will soon begin to move up and I recommend taking a small position this week. Middle of last year advised selling lumber and now I see bull market starting from early May.


Orange Juice will trade sideways and there is no need to take any position. We recommended selling orange juice at $210 and now soon we will give buy signal as soon as Mars changes house. 


Members have made huge money in buying in cotton and coffee during last quarter of 2007 and thanks to planetary guidance, as we were able to call top when coffee hit $168 and cotton $94:



Many buyers in grains are so badly stuck that I cannot even describe their position. Some of the big traders that said prices would double by March have disappeared without trace.  


Transit of the Moon will support grain prices during this week, but remember that they will begin to fall again from next week.


One should cover short in soy oil, Soy Bean and wheat on Monday but sell back on Thursday as Thursday and Friday a trend will be dominant once more. Look at the fall in grains.



A review of newsletters for the past six months reveals that I have constantly talked about getting long on the USD as well as the Japanese Yen. Our prediction for the Swiss Franc has been positive, I have been recommending selling European and commodity currencies and I was wrong there except Yen and Swiss Franc.


The charts for the Pound and Canadian dollar show that they were never able to take advantage of the weakness of US dollar during its recent weak trend.  On the other hand, the Euro kept moving up and since the currency is highly weighted in the US Dollar Index, the Dollar index kept moving down. There was a lifetime opportunity of buying the dollar when it was trading below $72, and it strongly bounced back against all currencies following the 0.75-Point basis Fed rate cut.


We have clearly witnessed the fear of a dollar rise among commodity traders. Nonetheless, the US Dollar is trading near historic lows and I believe that the train is still at the station and has not left: one should therefore board as soon as possible.


This week the USD will remain stable, or we may find it a little weak for one or two days, but one should take the opportunity to buy during the weak trend. I see a sharp rising in the USD from next week, therefore load the boat.


For the first time in six months, I recommend selling the Swiss Franc and the Yen against the USD on Monday because the Dollar will start trading up against both of these currencies. Take a short position in the Euro, Pound, Australian as well as Canadian dollar on Thursday and Friday.


One should trade with very low leverage because there is enormous volatility in the market.


Lastly, please do not forward the newsletter to non-subscribers. Anyone interested in our services should request a sample copy from us.


Many of members have started receiving my new book and I am sure that they are enjoying reading it.



Metals and energy has entered in longer term weak trend, sell on Thursday


Grains may stabilize for the first three day and sharp fall will come from Thursday onward.


Keep accumulating dollar from Thursday.


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 Thanks & God Bless, Mahendra Sharma, 23 March 2008,