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Today's Trade & News

updates of Mondays, building ark of USD has paid us..still times is uncertain for metals...

Dear Friends,
Must read what I said on 1 Jan 2008 on metals and metals stocks. Gold is at around $900 but metal stocks have given nightmare to metal lovers. We wish people could have taken us seriously.
Here are tow updates of Mondays:
Dear Members,
Once again gold went up falsely but one thing is coming true and that is gold is gaining against all other currencies and that what we are recommending. Buy gold against Euro, Australian dollar, British Pound and Swiss Franc. One point to be noted that since last few months we have been predicting rise of Japanese yen against all currencies and at this stage gold is walking with Yen and Dollar. Soon historic movement will start for gold and dollar.
At this stage looks like that copper will break $200 and silver $10. Also I predict fall for gold from here and maximum gold can reach $882.80 and silver $11.52 (spot) and these will best selling prices.
On Monday US Dollar to remain strong against all currencies except Yen but from tomorrow Japanese Yen will start losing value against Dollar as well as all major currencies so start taking position of Dollar against Yen. Cover all short of all currencies against Yen because what we saw for Yen is getting over today or maximum it can last few days. Many of our member have made fortune by buying Yen against Euro, Ausi and Pound.
All other commodities will remain weak and today no need to take any position in them. Our call of selling side metals, oil, grains and soft commodities has huge amount of return and now time has come hold cash or buy Dow and buy USD against Yen.
You are getting Dow at discounted price because today it is trading at multi years low so buy Dow, S&P and Nasdaq. Safe trade in Dow: Buy call of March and June 2009, just load up calls.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Santa Barbara, 7.00 AM Santa Barbara
Dear Members,
Today Australian Dollar have come down around 10% and it came down more than 25% in the last two months. No one have seen this kind of move before, except in 1991 Pound has crazy move and now same is happening with all the currencies. Today I got my answers from nature and this was the reason that is why I was recommending to all my members to build "ARK" of Dollar and today that is the only one financial instrument is moving up with Japanese Yen in most uncertain time. Two top nations currencies is dominating over each and every financial instruments. Once again I bow my head to all planets who guided me to predict rise of US Dollar and Yen.
Yes, Gold is rising but this temporary, so I not giving much attention to it as still negative period is not over for gold, silver and copper. Don't buy silver or any other metals when you see gold positive because all these side metals toward major fall.
International markets are falling more than Dow, they are in free fall, investors are losing money in term of stock value as well as currency devaluation.
I don't think that I can ask more from Nature, Planets and astrology because dollar prediction has proven again that planets always tells us hidden future story well in advance, but you have to keep faith their indication fearlessly.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Monday 6 AM Santa Barbara