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UPDATE on metals, currencies and oil, why 12 of july 2007 is important date for all market

Dear Members,

This week I was unable to sent update as I was traveling. Gold and silver are running in to most positive astro cycle but they are trading very cautiously. Dollar trading near to multi year low but gold is still trading in unsure trading pattern. Any I am bullish on gold and silver and for I have little worries in back of my mind as a (common investor) that if dollar start moving up fast than many big investor's, miner and fund may get out from safe haven.  On other hand astro cycle says gold will walk with dollar and I am sure about it so doesn’t trade metals with high leverage as we want to keep 80% money side for buying opportunity.


Current position hold metals and any fall take as a buying opportunity. Buy gold and US dollar as this will be new trend for this century.


Oil traded above our target and it should move up more two percent from here.


Grains trading in most uncertainty ad down ward trend can't be rull-out.


Cotton, coffee and sugar is in bull market so hold your buying.


From 12 July stock market will start trading weak and this date should be remember.


Dollar is trading weak. I see pound coming down to $1.5000, Euro $1.1250, Canadian $1.32 and Australian $69. I know no one will believe me but I am sure once dollar start moving up these prices will filled with in four months. Trade safely in currencies - buy options and trade with very less leverage.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma 5 July 2005, 9.45am Mumbai