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Today's Trade & News

UPDATE for Tuesday - It is very easy to trade market if you following wave..

Dear Friends,
Here today's update which I sent to subscribers on Monday evening. Yes, it is not difficult to make any percentage of returns, if you trade with wave.
Still my subscription price is low and soon I am will increase.
Dear Members,

All major commodities have fallen sharply and they acted as though the commodity bull market is over and entering into a bear cycle. Many buyers have been badly hurt as energy, metals, grains as well as soft commodities had a free fall. Energy stock and the metals area remained weak as well, and in addition, the HUI and XAU index went down more than seven percent. 

What do you make out of this? I am sure that many of my members have not been trapped in this volatility as I have been guiding you to stay away for a few weeks or months.

On Tuesday I see metals and the energy sector trying to gain but will fail in volatile trading. Therefore those of you buying lower should get out by the end of the day, as time is not favorable. Hold cash on the side and for those who want to buy 10 contract of gold can buy just one at this level (If you want to like gold lover but I won't do). The investment ratio should therefore be very low as we can take a hit if gold reaches $550, which is not impossible at all. 

Silver will also try to move higher but will fail by the end of the day.  I am expecting a similar trend for platinum, copper and palladium. In the last four trading sessions, platinum and palladium have fallen sharply and no new buying is therefore recommended. 

Oil, Unleaded gas and natural gas should have a positive day and thus one can hold the buying position. I am sure my members must have bought oil but Tuesday try to gain but will fail in volatility so book profit if they rises. 

Grains are trading weak and should trade sideway till we see a positive Thursday. 

The coffee prediction has failed and I am looking into it, and it looks like the next rising cycle will be from 18 September. We bought some on Monday and shall add some more on Tuesday. 

None of the commodities is comfortable against the dollar, and it worries me a lot as I see a bull market for the US Dollar. This is just the beginning and we should therefore watch very closely to follow the negative impact on commodities, though it will also shake hands with a few commodities. 


Sell gold at $598.80 and sell silver at $11.48, if you bought in weakness on Monday, they are in bear market. 

Copper could suffer heavily, therefore watch closely and trade. 

The Dollar’s rise will come after 10.00 AM New York and at the same time there will be a weak trend in metals. Sell the Australian dollar as well as the Swiss Franc and Euro on New York opening. 

We bought energy and are adding some more, but only for the short-term- Unleaded gas and Crude and we will sell on intraday rising.  

The stock market will trade sideway on Tuesday. 

Thanks & God Bless

Sharma Mahendra

Monday, 8.00PM Santa Barbara