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Tuesday's trading strategy...S&P toward 3800 and then 5000?

Dear Members/Visitors,

I promised yesterday that this week I will put out a small update on our website about the markets, so here it is:

Yesterday, metals and energy came down and the market recovered, as predicted. Selling recommendations on the higher side in the European trading sessions did well, and on other hand, buying on weakness in USA equities on opening also did well; the market not only erased losses, but moved sharply higher.  

In our Flashnews, we also recommended selling Bond and Yen, which was the right trade to make.

On Tuesday we are expecting a mixed trend in precious and base metals, so trading in and out is indicated; higher-side selling is still recommended. Gold will be a good sell around $1,575, and silver at $18.35.

Stay away from any buying in oil; higher-side selling is recommended in oil.

Pound and Euro may lose value on Tuesday, but Rupee will be a great buy.

Close long positions in cotton and sugar on Tuesday.

S&P has been performing as predicted. Frontline stocks like AMZN, GOOGLE, NFLX, TSLA, MSFT, and APPL performed well as expected, and still they will keep providing great returns to investors in coming time. I am still holding my predictions of S&P achieving 3,800, and NADAQ 10,800. There is a great possibility that S&P may even test 5,000, so keep all these points in mind and plan your options trades well so you can make great amounts of money. “2020 Financial Prophecies” will guide you on how markets, metals, and currencies will trade every month, and which stocks or ETFs to buy.

BLDP moved more than 100% in the last two months, watch CGIX, STXS and OSEX closely.

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Mahendra Sharma