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Monday’s Predictions along with 2020 Prophecies; IRAN/USA and outlook of gold, oil and market…

Monday’s Predictions along with 2020 Prophecies; IRAN/USA and outlook of gold, oil and market…

Dear Friends/visitors of MahendraProphecy,  

The Iran issue is at its peak at this stage. The USA is in the mood to go head-on against Iran or Iraq. Globally, everyone is worried about what is happening in 2020 because the year just started, and things have already started getting a little shaky. Hundreds of emails and messages started popping in my mailbox, especially from people who have been following my work over the last two to three decades, because most of our followers are aware that I predicted the Gulf War in 1987 when I was only 20 years old; then 9/11 (48 hours before it happened); and The Iraq War of 2003 (predicted to start on the 21st of March, 2003; USA would attack Iraq), so now followers want an answer about what will happen next in 2020.

Yes, it is my responsibility to reply with one common message which can provide everyone with an answer. Before I write about the Middle-East’s situation, I would like to clarify that after 9/11, I stopped predicting world events like wars, terrorist attacks, etc. because I don’t like to see people dying anywhere. I don’t want to be part of that prophecy because I am still shaken when I think about 9/11, and I still regret why I predicted 9/11.

Predictions on USA/IRAN’s situation:

If you read my current 14th book “2020 Financial Prophecies”, then you will get shocked that the Middle East problem is already mentioned in the book. It says by the 15th of January, the situation in the Middle East will ease up. I also mentioned in the book that gold and oil prices may rise early January 2020 due to the Middle East issue, and the market may get a bit volatile

I also mentioned in this year’s book that August 2020 may get ugly for the world, and some serious problems may arise in the Middle East that could be dangerous.

I predicted this as a prophet or seer, but as a human being I would love to see harmony and peace everywhere, and I will pray to God that he takes care of us. All the animals that are dying in Australia due to the wildfires break my heart. My heart goes out to all the innocent animals who found themselves in a fiery inferno. Koalas are now considered functionally extinct, which is shocking. Australia needs to adopt more practices inspired by the indigenous peoples to preserve whatever is left of the natural landscape and all the habitats.

We mentioned that the fire in Australia will be under control by the middle of January, so this is good news. There are a lot of good things we can do as humans such as help others, which we can do in many ways, but still we need financial resources. My book, 2020 Financial Prophecies will guide you through making the right decisions in every area of the financial market (commodity, currency, Indexes, stocks, bonds).

Let’s pass on our prayers that the next nine days pass by smoothly for the Middle East and Australia.

In 2019, we recommended buying gold at $1,281 with a target of $1,563, which was achieved. This year, our view is very bullish, so focus on planning. In 2001, we predicted that gold would hit $1,800 when it was at $273. Now a new era is starting; three weeks ago, we recommended buying gold at $1,461; silver, platinum, JNUG and NUGT have all done well. Gold moved more than $100.

On Monday in the Daily Flashnews and Weekly Newsletter, we recommended closing longs in gold, silver, and selling base metals if you are a short-term trader (I am not recommending shorts, but if anyone is selling, then keep a tight stop-loss or take some hedging trades). On Monday, the astro cycle will turn a bit negative for metals from the USA trading session (around 9.55 AM EST), so selling is recommended on the opening of the European market as metals may start struggling to hold higher-side prices. Gold may struggle to move above $1,588 and silver $18.57 on Monday. The Daily Flashnews and Weekly Newsletter are there to guide traders and investors for a daily basis trading strategy with a weekly outlook. Tuesday’s story will be different, so read Tuesday’s letter carefully; I may put out one alert on website before the market starts every day this week, so you can see how our work can benefit you.

We also recommended selling oil around the higher between $64.18 to $65.78 on Monday evening as it will lose some shine in the USA trading hours after 10:15 AM EST.

Our market views are the same; S&P achieved our miracle target of 3,200, and now major fireworks have commenced. Read our book “2020 Financial Prophecies” word by word.

I am sure you must have enjoyed the book. If you haven’t bought it, then you must buy it without waiting another minute as this book will take you through every month of 2020 regarding what the trend in every market will be. The book is worth every penny you spend on it, and if you like it, please spread the word as I am not really promoted by any major media. I promote my work by myself and through word of mouth. Many financial media channels still don’t believe how I can predict all trends so accurately, while at the same time they don’t want to make an occult subject popular.

My journey of learning to see the future started at the age of nine, and I am still in my learning process as my knowledge is not even at 10% sufficiency. I am happy and proud to be part of this so-called “occult subject”, which is in fact scientific and represent us because it is a part of our life’s journey… knowing us or those around us, connecting every dot on this planet and the vast universe. 

Thanks & GOD Bless

Mahendra Sharma