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Tuesday update, final 24 hours pedning for Saturn chaning house...

Dear Members,
Today, I understood that how tough can be even last 24 hours when major planetary position in process of changing. I am too scared with everything. I recommend people to stay 90% cash and 10% short option position in stock and metals because you lock your risk. I am saying 90% cash mean there is some thing big is coming on the way for world without warning anyone and I am scared of that.
All major stock market can lose 70% value from here, means they can make new lows, metals, oil and other commosities can crash down more than 80% from here, every thing can be very messy but before this happen next two weeks we may see huge volatiltiy, like big prices movement. Speculation will be respossible for this and USA will be blaimed in future for this for allowing access lequidity to market and not able to contral speculation.
I am recommending people to just take puts with 10% of your money within final 24 hours because you lock you risk. Take all contract of December 2009.
Metals, oil and stock will reverse big way with in changing cycle of Saturn.
With in short period you will come to know value of astrological advise. 
Currently gold is at $1007, silver $16.70, copper is $2.9800, oil is $70.30 Dow at 9500 and dollar index is at 77.21.
Heating oil, RB gas plantinum, Aluminum, Lead, Zick can fall around 80%.
Euro, Pound, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar and Swiss Franc will lose 70% value against USD. Many other currencies like Real Peso, Rand, Rupee and other develing nations currencies will move down almost double from current level.
I don't understand techincal charts, I don't understand economy much but yes I have great undertsanding of nature and planetray movement, and all past trend they took place because of planets. Trend and economy take shape after word once trend is set.
TODAY, most of metal analyst are very bullish on metals because unforunetaly they don't see other hidden part. Today if I wouldn't be follwoing astrology then I could have made same mistake with all break out in chart pattern in metals. There must be reason that why I was publishing gold to go $550 or below, there is reason why we mentioned if market don't fall in August and early September then they can crash like 1929 and at this stage we have to that crash is on the way and it will be very sharp in nasty way. Coming time will prove that we are right or wrong.
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Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, 8 Sep 2009, 6.30 PM Mumbai