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Tuesday is deciding day for metals..My vision for world market..

Dear Friends,

I am putting here again part of my newsletter, what I see on world financial market. I know I am talking differently what others experts are saying.

Dear Members,

As I present the likely trends for this week, today I have resolved to delve into more details in regard to metals. This is in recognition of the essential need for planning in your short, medium and long term investment decisions. It is intended to assist you adequately grasp the scenario as it is likely to unfold, and consequently be guided to make the appropriate decisions. I therefore urge you to be particularly attentive as you read this newsletter.


Last week, my expectation of a weak trend besetting metals was only confined to occur on Tuesday and not on Wednesday. Contrary to this expectation however, we are all painfully aware of how bad Wednesday turned out to be. This is something which I never saw in my calculations and it is indeed the second instance in which this kind of miscalculation has occurred to me for the last three years. The first time, this happened last year when gold fell from $360 to $320, which was way beyond my expectation of a downward trend of up to $338. A similar thing happened for the second time during this week when I did not perceive the downslide of the price to below $387. This can only mean that I am either missing some thing in my calculations or that there is a short term presence of powerful external forces.


Since the influence of external forces can only be temporary, it should merely last for a maximum two to three days. Therefore, this means that gold and silver should steadily move up during the next week. If this however fails to occur and the metals are unsuccessful in embarking onto an upper side movement within the next week, then I am a little bit scared of the possible implications. If this is what occurs, then my recommendation is that you sell 50% of your position in metals because they could further go down or remain 5% weak for another 32 days.


As you are all aware, I am anticipating better tidings from the month of August. This is because I am predicting a period of great rise in metal prices to commence from that time. Why don’t we therefore maintain some money in our safes till the start of this very strong period.


In the last quarter of 2004 I expect metal prices to attain unprecedented levels, with gold hitting $525, Silver at $12 to $14 and $390 for Palladium. If you take these prices into account, one sure thing is that metal prices will have a great run towards the end of this year. If you keep on losing money in the short term by engaging in uncertain trading, then you might not be in a position to take full advantage of the great rise when it finally occurs. My counsel is that you should be prudent in your dealings and be poised to grab the moment when the right time comes.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Astrological movements reveal that if metals fail to rise on Monday and Tuesday, then I recommend that you sell 40% to 60% of your holdings in metals and remain with cash in anticipation of the big last quarter kill. This will be a momentous phase because for the first time in history, people around the world and players in the financial market including you shall truly appreciate the contribution of astrology to world events. You shall be witness to how astrological advice can change one’s life path and launch it onto a beautiful road that is devoid of pain, uncertainty and losses. All this is however dependent upon acting appropriately and doing so at the right timing. Indeed, I believe in the right timing and the role of luck in world and human affairs.


There are specific times within a specific sector when astrological cycles reward positive results to everybody that is involved in the sector during that particular period. A case in point is the technology boom of 1997-1999 and the metal rise witnessed in the 2003 and first quarter of 2004. It is however also a fact that when times are uncertain, only a few people gain because they enter at the opportune moment and exit at the right time while, the vast majority (75%) incur losses. During a phase when the astrological cycles are emphatically negative, the majority of players lose out because 90% of them get stuck.


FINAL NOTE: My counsel to those who are experiencing sleepless nights and are unhappy for being stuck in metal within the current uncertain trend, is that they should exit on Tuesday after confirmation that metals are not performing well. I will send out my opinion for the future outlook on a daily basis during this week because the reality from last Wednesday’s trend has also shaken me up considerably.


POSITIVE POINT: According to astrological calculations, Metal prices should strongly rise on Monday in New York and on Tuesday in Asia, Europe and USA (I know metals experts are negative on net week). If this does not happen, then it will be a very ominous sign indeed. As I mentioned earlier, this may herald the commencement of a very bad phase. On the other hand, a rise will be a sign of great things to come, though I still recommend that you remain 50% in cash.  As I have indicated in my book 2004 WORLD & FINANCIAL PROPHECIES, “2 April to 7 May will be a bad period for metals. It will also be a bad period for metal from mid of June, till the second week of July”.


It is my hope that the analysis I have given above will help you in planning. Let us now see what is indicating for this week and why it is important.


Predictions (newsletter) from 14 June to 18 June:



If the situation does not unfold as predicted on a positive day of planetary movements, then it means that there are also other negative forces that are exerting an opposing influence, but which I am however not able to discern. For this week, MONDAY and TUESDAY are the best days for metal and the Moon should eradicate the uncertainty prevailing in investors’ minds. Wednesday appears directionless while astrological indicators mark Thursday to be a bad day for metal and the world in general. Metals should go down on Thursday but stabilize thereafter on Friday.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I shall send you a small note on Tuesday concerning your next course of action and whether to remain invested in the market with 20% or 50% to 80%.



The same prediction for gold as stated above is also applicable and valid for silver. I shall similarly give you further guidance concerning silver on Tuesday. Don’t forget that I am predicting great rise in silver prices in last quarter in next year.



In previous newsletter I recommended buying Palladium on Friday but the Friday market was closed. You can buy a small quantity at the $210 level. The same applies to Platinum.


Note: I see indications that any time around Thursday, there will be a bad period for the world. We should pray for a smooth period for the world since we wouldn’t want to make money from the rise of gold while other people are dying. We simply don’t want that kind of money which is tainted by such a connection to blood or death. We therefore pray that the week ends without any evil being suffered.



Last quarter of 2002, I launched my third book “2003 World Prophecies” many people bought and I started receiving emails saying, Mahendra how this is possible because you saying Metals rise and same time Technology and stock market great bull-run in the year 2003? And currently we are in full grip of bear market. I said no arguments lets wait till 2003 end. Astrological calculation came true and metal as well as technology stocks performed well in the year 2003. Many investors missed the entire technology rally of 2003 because at the end of 2002 they been misguided by many experts bearish view when market was at bottom and I saw that bottom and I predicted “buy”.


At present many might be thinking that, I write too much on metal and may have special love for metal that is why recommending to get-out from US Dollar and stock market. Here I must illuminate that my prediction are not based on love and hate. I just predict what I see. Like in 1996 I recommended my clients to buy technology and toward the end of 1999 advised them to get out.


After waiting for a long time for this date, 21 June 2004 is approaching nearer with the passing of each day. I think that I have adequately warned investment communities and the common investors on second half of 2004. If they insist on staying there and decide not to heed my repeated calls for caution, then that will now be entirely upon them. The impending stock market crash and the August metal rise predictions will finally help bestow credibility and respect to astrology as a subject. I know that many people are skeptical but the truth is that my experience with astrology to this day has been incredible. I can hardly believe it myself when I look back on my track record.


I still distinctly remember a day at the age of 19 in May of 1987 at summer time in India (Bombay). It was very hot and I was walking and sweating (I didn’t have a car) with my first official predictions on the world written with my own handwriting in the Hindi language. I arrived at the local newspaper office and presented my story and I was thrown out of the premises. In the same week, similar incidents happened with other media houses who declared that I was not sane. They openly wondered how a person with no previous public track record could strut into a media house and claim to have a warning about important future occurrences of the world. At all events, they did not take me seriously.


The three predictions that I held in my hand that day in 1987 were my first official prophecies on paper. I expected these events to come to pass by 1991. They were:


1.    Disintegration and final collapse of the USSR, fall of communism, collapse of the soviet economy and currency. I also foresaw the resultant widespread poverty and the downfall of Mr. Mikhail Gorbachev.

2.    USA-IRAQ war. I foresaw the termination of the Iraq and Iran conflict.

3.    The rise of OIL.


My persistence finally paid off when my predictions were published in a small Hindi magazine in July 1987. This was after making a deal with the magazine owner in which I agreed to read his astrological chart in exchange for the coverage. It was after all not a bad deal.


Please do not mistake me though. I merely try to present my vision to the world with no more intention than pass on information to key persons in world affairs so that they can in turn make the world a better place. I try to give direction to players in the financial market so that they can also share part of their proceeds with the needy in our society.


It is indeed sad that even when gold went from $255 to $433, I received very few emails from people who did something to support the needy. I think people were very busy in making money. However, it is apt to realize that if you do not share what has been granted unto you, it usually will go away through other means.


Anyhow, to cut the whole story short I am now waiting for the fulfilment of three important predictions. The first is a great rise in Metal prices, then a great stock market crash and finally the revelation of a mind-boggling scam involving the production and circulation of counterfeit currency.



The Japanese Yen will soon become the leader in world currencies. This week the US Dollar will once again start declining from Wednesday. South African Rand will start losing its value more against Yen, Pound, Euro, Franc compare to US Dollar but still I hold the prediction on Rand to reach around $8.50 by end of this year.



Prices will catch fire. Therefore buy oil on Wednesday.



Coffee, Orange Juice and cotton are ready to move up.



The world is on the threshold of entering into a terrible 42 DAYS cycle. The Iraq handover will take place peacefully during the reign of the blood and war planet, MARS.






There are also indications that some natural disaster is imminent. I shall however soon announce the dates for the fulfilment of these predictions.


Let us all pray together for the peace and harmony of this planet. Let us pray that our leaders (especially extremist politicians and religious leaders) will embark onto the right path and steer the world towards peace. It is only through love and peace that we can transform the current discord in the world to tranquillity and harmony for the good of everyone. A HAPPY NATURE CAN PROVIDE US WITH EVERY THING THAT WE NEED. We should therefore believe in nature because we are creations of nature and shall all end up in it. Religion and politics have only served to divide the world.


Finally, let me state that compared to Iraq, the African continent is undergoing much more pain. The agony of the suffering millions in Africa is clear in their eyes and I wish that the world could send more assistance to rescue the people enduring the most distress instead of focusing on WAR and bloodshed. IT IS AFRICA THAT NEEDS ALL THE SUPPORT AND REBUILDING IT CAN BE GIVEN, NOT IRAQ (Iraq has enough oil for the purpose).


Still my newsletter offer is valid till 30 June and you may not get better price then this because I have reduced from $2850 to $190. Just select one subject for $190 and you will get newsletter worth $2850.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma