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Today's Trade & News

Thursday's update, every thing is not well and time is bubble to burst, so please be-careful..

Dear Members,
Dollar trading at historic low and metals are at high. Very volatile time has come after FED decision and this volatility to remain their for another 24 hours.
My short term, medium and longer term view on dollar is very bullish, if you see dollar index chart of last four months it has traded around $82. to $79 which is not big. Whole world against the dollar but long term bull market of dollar is intact. I am not saying that you should follow hundred percent me but watch very closely and once it start rising it won't stop.
Long term trend for metals are very bullish but in short term from next week I see gold coming down and it may touch $663.80 and silver $10.92. Side metals to remain weak. Buyer should sell their position those who have still holding. I recommended to get out on Tuesday but after that they are still going higher. Tomorrow also it can be very volatile day as all Fridays. Time for buyer to book 99% profit in metals including stocks.
From here Canadian dollar will reach $0.70, Australian $0.65, Pound $1.55 and Euro 1.14 in the next six months and it won't surprise me even if the go below this. I am not saying that you trade immediately on this but you planning should be long US dollar and short all this currencies in term of option or with very low leverage so you survive any short term volatility.
Grains will react today before closing.
Coffee, cotton and sugar to remain in up trend.
Oil to remain sideway and sell on Monday.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Thursday, 8am